Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Food For Thought
An on-line friend of mine shared this quote and it got me thinking...I thought I would share it with you...

“Don’t be too concerned that your children don’t listen to you. But be very concerned that they see everything you do”
Truett S. Cathy Founder of Chik-fil-A

WOW, what a thought. I spend SO much time worrying about whether or not my oldest girl hears what I am saying and I forget about all the times that she may be watching me!! She is my little shadow 24 hours a day, am I living the life that God wants me to live in front of her? I think I have a LOT of work to do!!

Just a little food for thought that I wanted to share for today!

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Friday, October 07, 2005
Hardest Thing About Being a Mommy...
I think the absolute hardest thing about being a Mommy is seeing your little ones hurt. The pains of loses and changes and knowing there is nothing you can do to make the pain go away but love on them and pray for them.

Today we had to break the news to our oldest daughter (6 years old) that we are going to have to get rid of our family cat. We bought her Pan Chan at a street market not long after we moved to Korea. She was 3 and it was her first new friend. Pan Chan (means Side Dish in Korean) has been with us for 3 years and is part of the family. However, for many reasons, it is time to say good bye to him. The biggest reason is that they stopped selling litter here and sand from the beach just isn't the same! The second reason is that I have been allergic to him since the day we brought him home and now we think our second daughter (6 months old) is allergic to him as well. For our health, we are having to get rid of him.

When we broke the news to our daughter, she cried and cried. It was SO hard to see her hurt over the loss of a pet. My heart is breaking for her, but I know there is nothing I can fo to make it better...just love, hugs and prayers. Seeing her hurt is the hardest thing about being a Mommy!

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I feel like I have neglected you!!
Well, it seems like it has been forever and a day since I posted on the blog. I am sorry for the neglect. Last week was one of those weeks. Have you ever had one of those??

Well, it all started on Monday when I opened up our shoe closet (in Korea we remove shoes in the entrance way) to pull out our "heavier" shoes since the cool weather has moved in. Well, the humidity had gotten to the winter shoes over the summer and I had 20 pairs of shoes that were GREEN! I ended up calling school for the day and Melisa got a free day to play while I scrubbed the closet and shoes. I saw the end coming and then made the mistake of opening the coats closet. They were green too. SO, add all of our thick winter coats, rain coats, and rain jackets to the mix of my normal laundry and another closet to scrub to my list of cleaning and I was at it until late Monday night.

Tuesday was another day and I was sure it would be better. Everything was going well until I was doing the dishes from lunch. All of a sudden a gush of water came out from under the sink. The hose had busted. I had to clean out all the stuff I had stored under there to find the problem. It seems the person who lived here before us had the same problem and fixed the hose with TAPE! So, I follwed suite and fixed it with tape until we can get someone in here to fix it again! With that added adventure at lunch time, school ended up taking until 6:30 pm to finish! We were exaughsted by the end of the day and still a day behind on our work.

Wednesday went well, but we ended up doubling up on the work to make up for missing Monday. We were at school work for 6 hours and then I had team work to do on the computer. So, it was a long day...but at least no more "adventures".

Thursday was our smoothest day and Melisa, Cali and I even made it out for a walk outside! Friday, was another long day, as we had a team meeting on the other side of the island and lost another day of school work. We were gone for 13 hours on Friday! By the time we got home we all passed out. But for an hour, we didn't thik we were going to get home. When the meeting was over, we headed out to the van and the battery was dead. We had our team leader come out to jump us off and his van was dead too! OF COURSE!!! So, we had to go down the street until we found a neighbor still awake and ask them (in our limited Korean) to come jump us off! It took 30 minutes to jump us off and we were SO happy to hear it turn over! We were certain that we were going to be sleeping on the floor of our team leaders home!

Saturday was a day of school to make up for what we missed on Friday. We did get to take the afternoon and go to a really neat Korean Festival (you can read all about it and see pictures on my girls web page...see the link over on the side). It was really nice to get an afternoon and evening out as a family after the week we had!

This week has been much better, so hopefully I won't be so scarce in posting! Forgive me for neglecting you during my crazy week!

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