Sunday, October 28, 2007
A Whirlwind Weekend
Wow, I we had a crazy busy weekend. In fact, it was so busy, I didn't realize you could fit this much in! I am worn out!!!

On Friday night the gymnastics school had an Open Gym night and a Costume Contest. So, the girls went to the contest and then we left Melisa to play and Clark, Cali, and I headed out to have some fun of our own. We went out to price swing sets (what we are thinking about getting the girls for Christmas). Then we hung out at Pet Smart looking at all the animals with Cali and bought Ernie (our family Hermit Crab) a few new shells. At 8:30 we picked Misa up from Open Gym and headed home to get some rest...we needed it for the rest of the weekend!

Saturday we cleaned up around the house for the first hour or two and then at 10:30 we headed up to the school to pick up a student. Then we made that all too familiar drive to the New Orleans airport to drop her off. It took about 5 hours round the time we were home, we had two antsy girls ready to stretch their legs. SO, first stop, the Pumpkin Patch! The girls got their faces painted, did a cake walk, played games, had their pictures taken, and picked out two perfect pumpkins! :-) They weren't ready to head home yet, so we headed out to the walking/exercise park and spent 2 hours or so playing.

By this time it was 7:00 and we were starving. So, we decided to have some breakfast for dinner and headed to IHop. The girls both got chocolate chip pancakes and loved every minute of it. :-) The waitresses were dressed up for Halloween and kept the girls totally entertained, lol. It was the perfect end to a fun day out!

Today we headed to church to start our day off right. We are loving the new church that we have found. The preaching is great. We are going through Old Testament stories and it is wonderful. The girls classes are also studying the same stories the pastor is preaching about, so it makes it great to be able to talk to Misa about it after church.

After being out and about all day yesterday, we decided to spend the rest of today at home. Night services were cacncelled for church tonight as well. So, we came home and settled in for fall fun at home. We are a simple lunch and then took everything outside we would need for carving the pumpkins. Cali didn't get into doing the whole pumpkin guts thing yet, but Melisa had a blast. Then she drew her own face on her pumpkin. This is the first year she has wanted to draw her own rather than having Daddy do it. I was so proud of looks GREAT! We ate pumpkin cookies while Daddy did the carving. Then we played with bubbles and watched Chin Goo (our dog) chase the bubbles and try to eat them. We played outside until the sun started going down.

Once we came inside, Melisa and I started sifting through the pumpkin guts to save all the seeds. We got a full two cups worth out! I boiled them in salt water for 20 minutes and now they are drying overnight. Tomorrow I am going to take my first attempt ever at making roasted pumpkin seeds....wish me luck!

Tonight we have been watching "fall movies" (they aren't necessarily fall movies, but they are movies our family always seems to watch in the fall) and cuddled on the couch. It is 9:30 and Cali is out for the night and Melisa is heading to bed now. Whew...I think we wore them out this least I know they wore me out! It truly was a whirlwind weekend and I treasured every minute of it!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Competition Team????
So, if you read my post earlier, you will know during Cali's gym they asked her to move up to the three year old class even though she is only two. Well, if that sent me into shock, wait until you hear about Melisa's gymnastics class!

Well it seems that they were working on teaching some basic skills and Melisa straddle dismount of the uneven bars and then did a perfectly controlled headstand brining one leg up at a time and holding it perfectly. They sent the rest of her class off for a water break, called the owner of the gym over and asked her to do it all over again. She did, the owner got this look and then they called Clark to talk to them. Since we have only been at the gym about 6 months they want us to finish out this school year in her class to make sure she loves it and wants to make a commitment to it. For the rest of this year the coaches are going to keep a close eye on her, helping her to perfect her form and at the end of the school year they want her to audition for the competition team! They seemed to think she would have a good chance at it and was a natural.

SOOO, if she continues to love it, it looks like I am going to have a competitor on my hands next year. We will be at the gym DAILY and working hard. Melisa is SO excited. She saw the competition team a month ago and told me she wanted to be on it. I told her she had to be requested to be on it, so we would have to wait and see...well she has been out there working hard in hopes of getting on the team. WOW...I am so proud of her it has brought tears to my eyes!

I have two natural gymnasts on my hands...who'd of thought?

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Moving On Up
Today has been a devistating day for this lil' momma! My baby, my littlest munchkin, my Boo, my Bean (need I go on with all her nicknames) is growing up WAY too fast. Today is our gymnastics day and we had a great class. While all the other toddlers were running around and doing there own thing, Cali was sitting next to the teacher, doing everything the teacher did, and following directions like an angel. It makes a momma's heart proud! Then it was time to do forward rolls and I put my hands on my little princesses hips and said "now bend over" and she looked at me like I was crazy and said "I DO IT MYSELF MOMMY!" Sure enough, I let go and she did a perfect forward roll all by herslef!

After class the teacher called me to stay for a minute. Then she said "I know Cali is only 2 1/2 and she is smaller than the others, but what do you think about moving her to the 3 year old class" AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! The three year old class takes them out of the "Mommy and Me" time and straight into the "student/teacher" role. I can't believe they are ready to move her up....but at the same time, I know she is ready. She can do everything and more that the teacher asks of her. She waits her turn and never looks my way these days. She is independent and loving gym. SOOO, with a sad heart on my part, we are changing gym days. Monday mornings will be Cali's new gym day. She will go in all by herself, while I go sit behind the glass window and watch. It is trial this week and if she does well, it will be a permanent change.

It is so awesome to see our "babies" become independent and succeed, but at the same time it is so hard to let go. Now, this is just one small class and not all that important, but it is just another sign that my little baby isn't so much of a baby anymore and she is ready to step out on her own in some gymnastics!

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Thursday, October 18, 2007
I Will Never Understand
So, today I got to work and parked my bike (yes bike...remember we are a one car family right now and I am riding my bike to and from work which is only about 4 or 5 blocks from our house) outside the backdoor at Curves. I have had the baby seat on the back of it and have parked it there every week day from 3:15 to 8:00 pm and nothing has ever happened to it.

Well, tonight as I stepped out to get it and head home, it was gone! Yep, someone stole my bike right out from under my nose! It is a solid pink Diamondback...$250 to $300 bike and it is gone! I am SO upset! Why do people do things like that? Why can't we be trusted? I am going to turn in a police report tomorrow in hopes that if it shows up at a pawn shop we will be able to claim it somehow...I don't know how this works. What really stinks is it is my sole transportation to and from my part-time job. It also has the base for the baby seat attached to it. Cali LOVES to ride on the back of my bike. It calms her down and relaxes her. She will bring me her helmet and ask to go for a ride some days. It was a birthday present from my Dad. It was a special bike to me and I am so sad that someone felt the need to steal it. If they were in need of money, I would have been more than willing to help them out the best I could...but they stole and took my one form of transportation when Clark has the car. Oh well...I keep telling myself that maybe they need it more than I do to keep myself from being fumming mad!

Well, on a positive note Cali seems to be on the mend. She had a REALLY fussy and cranky day, but her fever stayed down (it hasn't broke, but it hasn't gotten over 101.5 since this morning at 5:30). I think we are getting t the achy and tired part of the flu. She was only happy sitting in my lap or being carried in my arms. She was 100% a Momma's girl today! She had quite the little temper...she even hit Melisa about 4 times...time out while having the flu and having to say "I'm sorry" was no fun for this sick 2 year old! She has sounded a little congested and even broken out with diaper rash...I think the infection is going to find it's way out through the rash. With the help of Motrin, Little Noses, and Vicks Baby Vapor Rub she has stayed comfortable. I am hoping that within a day or two this will all be a memory!

On an even more postive note, Clark, Melisa and I are all still flu free...still praying we stay that way!

Finally, we ended up having a Tornado Warning party at our house. We have had two nights in a row of bad storms and tonight Clark was taking one student around for errands and another was babysitting the girls when the storms came up. The dorms went into "lock down" with everyone on the bottom floor. So, they couldn't get back in their dorms. We ended up ordering pizza and visiting for an hour while we waited for the storms to pass. Melisa heard us say if we heard a tornado or if the news said one was over us we would go to the bathroom. Well, before I knew it, she had pillows, blankets, goldfish to snack on, a cup of water for each of us, some books, movies, the portable DVD player and even the dogs bowl so we would be! She cracks me up!

Well, I am off to bed. I hope everyone had a better Thursday than I did...the flu, a stollen bike, tornado warnings, and an unplanned pizza party at your house makes for an "interesting" day!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007
We Still Have a Fever, BUT...
...we know WHY!

It seems Cali has the flu! Clark took Cali into a different pediatric office today (one of the best in town) and within 20 minutes they had an answer. The doctor took a look at her, took a swab out of her nose and really took a good look in her thoat and knew immediately that she had the flu. It seems the doctor last night missed a puss pocket in her throat and didn't look closely enough at her nose. I must say I am HIGHLY frustrated! I know that we are now changing pediatricians.

Unfortunately the doctor said that meds wouldn't really do any good now. They medicate the flu for the first 24 had we found out Monday we would have gotten meds. Now, we just have to wait it out. Unless she develops a bad cough or gets wheezy we are to do what we have been doing. Tylenol, Motrin, lukewarm baths, lots of liquids, and lots of rest (well as much as you can make a 2 year old rest).

I must say I am heartbroken to know that my baby has been suffering from the flu and I have been clueless about it. But I am thankful to finally have an answer! So, we will take it one day at a time and watch her really closely. Her little body is doing a good job fighting off the flu with the fever, so all we can do is keep her comfy and help her stay at a safe body temp. by monitoring it.

Thanks for all the prayers, they were felt and answered. Now pray that the flu goes away soon and the rest of the family doesn't have to fight it too! THANKS!

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Another Day...
So, it is about 1 pm and here we are still battling the fever. As long as she has meds in her she is staying between 99 and 100.5. As soon as it wears off we jump up to 101 to 103. UGH!
This morning we got the rental car and tunred in our car to the body and paint stuff let me tell you. It was fairly fuss free, so I won't complain. Then we headed home and I spent the next 3 hours attempting to get a urine sample. We finally got the sample at noon and had to rush to the doctors office...I am glad it is only 5 minutes away. We waited while the tested the sample and once again we have no answers. She has no UTI or anything wrong in her urine. So...back to the waiting game.

I am going on 88 hours of fever monitoring and I am in need of a break to relieve some stress. So, Clark has taken this afternoon off and is coming home to take Cali to another doctoros appointment. Oh yeah, I got Cali in at the best medical clinic in seems my boss's husband is the CEO at the medical clinic and he made a phone call on our behalf and sure enough, Cali has an appointment at 3:00. This is supposed to be one of the best pediatricians in town, so hopefully she will be able to give some answers.

Keep praying that this fever finally breaks and stays gone! I will check back in later tonight!
THANKS for all the prayers...I hope you are each having a blessed week!

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No Answers From the Doc.
So, I typed this up last night but never logged on to post it...sorry!

UGH! I am SO frustrated! We went to the doctors this evening and he did a complete exam. He checked Cali's ears, her chest, her stomach, her back, and everything else he could check in the office. There is nothing wrong with her. No ear infection, no chest congestion, no stomach issues, nothing but a high fever. He sent me home with a bag to collect a urine sample tomorrow morning. As soon as I get it, I have to take it into the office to have it tested to make sure it is nothing. If there is nothing in the urnine, then we will give it a few more days and if she is still running a fever, we will do blood work. UGH! I hope and pray it doesn't come to that!

We got home and Cali felt hotter than ever. I took her temp. and sure enough the fever spiked to a new high...103.2! I got her in a lukewarm bath and gave her some more Motrin and it brought it down to about 102. Then I prayed and prayed and prayed somemore. I was honestly in tears (and I am not so much of a crier anymore...I used to be, but in Korea I lost a lot of that). I feel like I was over-reacting by crying, but 72 hours of a 102 plus fever has me at my wits end when there are no symptoms! SO, I prayed that God would just take away whatever it is her body is fighting. I prayed that I could be the one running the high fever. I prayed and prayed and prayed somemore. After about an hour, I took her temp. again and it was down to 99.3! PRAISE THE LORD is all I know to say! I just took her temp. again and it is down to 98.6...Isn't God good? I am praying that in an hour and a half (when the meds will wear off) the fever will stay down and this whole thing will be over. Even if the fever comes back by the morning, I know that God answered my prayers tonight because if her temp. would have stayed up over 102 there is no way I would have slept a wink tonight.

SO...I will quit my rambling and head to bed! I hope and pray that in the morning I will have good news for you all and maybe an entertaining story about trying to get a urine sample from a 2 year old! LOL! :-)

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007
To the Doctors Office We Go
Well, we are going on 72 hours of running a fever and now it is all I can do to keep it under I called back and talked to the nurse again. Yesterday she said as long as it stayed under 102 she could run it for up to 7 days as long as no other symptoms come. It is only under 102 when she is on meds and after a lukewarm bath...we are talking Motrin then 3 hours later tylenol then 3 hours later Motrin. Well, I am worn out and Cali is fussy. Melisa wants to be sick so she can get spoiled too, lol and I don't know how much more I can take. The nurse agreed to let me in this evening when a doctor is staying after hours accepting sick patients. We will finally get to see the doctor tonight at 6:50. I pray that he doesn't find anything wrong...the last thing I want is a round of antibiotics, but if it will help with this never ending fever, I am ready for it!

Say a prayer that my baby girls get back to normal soon! I will check back in after the doctors appointment this evening!

Oh yeah, I also spent an hour at Advanced Collision today getting an estimate on the damage done when my neighbor backed into the car a week ago leaving a nice and pretty dent in the side of the car. After the appointment with the Insurance guy I had to make an appointment with the paint and body shop to fix the car and then make an appointment with the rental shop to pick up a car. So, tomorrow morning at 8:00 I will take the car in and Enterprise will come pick me up to take me to get the rental car. It should take 2 or 3 days to get the car fixed...who knows what I will end up driving while it is in the shop...I just hope it all goes smoothly.

Now, it is back to the school room for a science and math lesson. Yeah, we are running late...that trip out to the other side of town to get the car checked out took a big bite out of our day. I will be back later! :-)

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Sunday, October 14, 2007
Where Did the Weekend Go?

Is it already Sunday night? Has the weekend already come and gone? Why do they have to be SOOO short? Why can't they seem to drag like the weekdays? Oh well, at least it was a good one!

Friday night we stayed home, ordered pizza and rented movies. Ahhh, relaxing!! We rented The Fantastic Four 2, Raising Helen, Home on the Range and Cats (the musical). Yeah, we like a wide range of genres, lol! We curled up on the couch and actually was nice!

Saturday we woke up and cleaned the house, took the big area rugs outside and beat them and let them air out then we re-arranged some stuff in the house...I like the changes we made. :-) We weren't planning on doing that, but you know sometimes you do one thing and it is just a snowball effect and you end up re-arranging half the house, lol! I am glad dh is such a good sport! I never did get arround to science experiements with Melisa...we will get to them sometime this week, lol! When we finally had the house at a stopping point, we loaded the bikes on the back of the car and went out to a big open parking lot and working on Melisa's bike riding skills. We are getting there. I feel bad that we just haven't had time before now to get her riding on her own without training wheels, but we are almost there. She can ride straight really well and kind of stop. But we need to work on turning and stopping safely, lol. Cali rode along in the babyseat on my bike and had a great time. After the bike riding lesson, we headed up and watched the girls soccer team play. They won 5 to 0 and are now 15 and 0 this season! Our girls are doing awesome (we have 3 internationals on the team). Cali and Melisa are developing quite a love for soccer. Cali loves to yell "GO CAREY" now and all the people in the stands love it, lol!

Today we visited a new church and I think the whole family is in love with it! :-) YAY! We have been looking for a church besides the Korean church to plug in, but there was always something keeping us from feeling ready to join. Melisa and Cali both LOVED their classes. They are already looking forward to the Trunk and Treat at the church and Sunday School next week. Both girls made friends already and Clark and I loved the preaching. I am SOO happy that I think we have finally found a new church home! Clark and the girls will go back on Wednesday night to see what the Music and Missions classes are like for the girls. I can't tell you how good it feels to have FINALLY found a church home here in the 'burg!

After church, we had lunch with some friends at Garfields...YUUUMMM!!! After visiting for a while, we said good-byes and roamed the mall. I am excited about my $59.99 pair of shoes for $13.49! I really needed a new pair of tenis shoes for working at the gym and I knew exactly what I wanted. Well, not only did I find them, but I found them 75% off! WHOOOHOOO...let me tell you, that NEVER happens for me! After wandering around the mall and watching all the people (have you ever gone people watching? If not, you is fun) we headed to the Halloween store. We got Melisa her costume, unfortunately Cali fell asleep in her carseat and let her sleep because she has been sick all weekend.

Yeah, I failed to mention that...the really down part of the weekend is that Cali has been running a fever since we got in from the soccer game last night. It goes down with meds, but them jumps back up to 100 to 101.5 as soon as it wears off. She doesn't have any other symptoms yet...just a fever...I pray it goes away soon, it always worries me!

We ate left overs at home tonight and now we are getting ready for bed. It has been a busy weekend, but a fun one! I have a lot of cleaning and laundry waiting me now that the weekend us over, but it will get done in due time right?

Now that I have rambled about our weekend and probably told you more than you ever cared to know, I am going to head to bed. My head is killing me and I am exaughsted! I don't want to start the week worn out! I hope you all had a great weekend and will have a great start to the week tomorrow!


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Thursday, October 11, 2007
Adventures in Playdough Making
A few nights ago we spoke at a WMU event about our time in Korea. Well, one of the booths set up had some home-made playdough and a recipe sheet. Well, my girls flipped out over it and have been begging me to make some with them.

We did our weekly shopping Sunday after church and while we were doing that I picked up everything we needed to make some playdough. After we got home and unloadedd the car and put up the groceries the fun began!

For those who are interested here is the recipe we used:

2 cups of flour
1 cup of salt
2 cups of water
2 tbsp of cream of tarter
1 tbsp of oil

You mix all ingredients together and then cook on the stove top on low heat. You stir constantly until it is peeling away from the sides of the pot and is playdough cosistancy.

Take out and let cool then kneed it to make sure there are no lumps.

I can usually get 5 good size lumps of playdough out of it that I put in baggies. Then I use either pepperment, vanilla, or pumpkin spice to give it a good scent. Then I use food coloring to give desired color. Work on wax paper and wear laytex gloves to keep it from sticking and dying your hands. If you keep it sealed in baggies it will last for quite a while!

We made 2 batches so each girl got 5 baggies of playdough. We made Red (kind of pink), blue, orange, purple and green. Cali hasn't stopped playing with it today.

I hope some of you use the recipe and have some fun with your kids. I will leave you with pictures now that show all the fun we had! :-)

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A Friday Night with Rock Johnson and Shiny Shoes!
Here is another one I posted over on cafemom but never got over here...sorry about that. I wrote this last Friday night.

Today was crazy insane. I feel like I have been running behind all week long. The house was suffering (yeah, dust bunnies have been building in power and number again), we weren't finishing school before I had to be at work, we had 2 extra speaking engagements, and I was sure short in the patience department. So, this morning I woke up with determination. I logged on and only let myself glance at myspace and cafemom to check my new messages. I fought the urge to browse all my friends pages, lol! I got Melisa started in school and then got a good amount of University work done on the computer (without checking in on myspace or cafemom while doing was a big accomplishment)! Then we had lunch, I did a little teaching, AND I attacked the house. I gained some ground so I can at least say it will be a fair fight tomorrow when I do a good Saturday cleaning! After I had the house looking passable again, I finished teaching Melisa so that all we have to do tomorrow (yes some school on Saturday) is science. Then, it was off to work at Curves. Our new fall hours let us off an hour earlier on Friday...yay! So, I was out the door by 6:30. I got about 30 seconds down the road on my bike and sure enough the sky opened up and down came the rain. Not a sweet refreshing drizzle either...we are talking buckets and bucket of rain. Of course today was the day I never put my contacts in, so you should see me riding on my bike trying to wipe my glasses off with my t-shirt that I could have rung out. Oh, I am sure I was entertainment for all the cars that passed me. When I got home I literally left a puddle by the front door!

Clark pulled in about 5 minutes after I got home and we quickly got changed and loaded up in the car for a family night out. As we were getting on our shoes, Cali INSISTED that she wear her Sunday (black patten leather shoes). Tired and worn out, I figured, what could it hurt. So we headed out with Cali in jeans, a t-shirt, and SHINY black shoes that she had to show EVERYONE! We went and ate dinner at our favorite Mexican place...yum! The chips and salsa is the best around...the burritos are even better! OK...enough reliving dinner, lol!

After dinner, we headed to the movies. We were almost there when Clark realizes he can't find the cell phone. SO, we drive all the way back across town to the restaurant and as Clark gets out of the car to run in and see if someone turned in the phone, he realizes it is in his front pocket rather than his back pocket like normal...OOPS! So, back across town to the movies we go. We were going to see "Game Plan" but our cute little 8 year old would not accept that "Game Plan" was the name of the movie. She kept yelling "I can't wait to see Rock Johnson!" We must have told her it was either "The Rock" or "Dwayne the Rock Johnson" but she INSISTED that it was Rock Johnson. She sounded like a Flintstones Cartoon Character chanting to see the new pop star Rock Johnson, lol!

We finally got in...after 100 or so mentions of Rock Johnson. We got some popcorn and settled into our seats. If you haven't seen this movie, you need to! It is GREAT! We laughed SO hard I was literally in tears. It is a movie good for the whole family. Cali, Melisa, Clark and I all laughed at it and loved it. There are some great one-liners that will be quoted in our family for years to come! Yes, we are a very dramatic family and between the 4 of us, (well 3 really...Cali has joined in yet, except laughing at us) we can quote almost all of the movie from beginning to end!

We didn't get home until midnight and Cali was sacked out in my lap long before the movie was over. But it really was a great night. All the stress and frustration of the week seemed to melt away with just a night out with my family. The dust bunnies even seemed to loose some of their size while we were gone! It is amazing how stepping out for a Friday night with Rock Johnson and Shiny Shoes will remind us of what is really important! I love my husband and I love my girls. The mess will still be there tomorrow to clean, we made memories tonight!

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Caught Red Handed I realized after my last blog that I never posted the red sharper story here on my blog. I posted it as a journal on cafemom, but not here. So sorry! ENJOY the adventures of having a 2 year old! :-)

Ok, so today is our crazy day, but without Melisa here it wasn't quite so crazy. I took Cali to gym this morning and she was a pistol. She did really well but she got tired of the exercises in the first circuit they do. Miss. Priss decided she was going to move on to the second circuit. When I pulled her back to finish what she was supposed to be doing she plopped down on the ground, crossed her arms over her chest and gave me the poutiest lips I have ever seen! From that moment on, I knew we were in for some kind of day!

After gymnastics I took her to a friends house for an accountablitly meeting. Cali found Mrs. Anne's movies and picked out the Little Mermaid, she climbed up in Mr. Trey's big seat and settled in to watch. Anne and I sat down for our time together. Cali proceeded to get up and play with the dogs toys and Mrs. Anne's coasters. So far all is going well. Mrs. Anne then took Cali back to the guest room and showed her all the stuffed animals. Cali sat down to play with them and we went back to the living room to talk some more. Well, She had been really quiet for a few minutes and we decided to go check on her. As we turned the corner we caught her red handed...LITERALLY! She had wandered into Mrs. Anne's office and found a red sharpie marker and an orange highlighter. She had proceeded to color all over one of Anne's walls AND the white door to the guest room!

I wanted to cry! I must have appologized 100 times. Cali saw my reaction and was close to tears and ran behind me to hide. She knew what she had done was wrong and hid the rest of the time we were there. I told Anne I would help her paint her wall and door if she wanted me to, and said I was SOOO sorry a 100 more times! I feel absolutely awful about it! Cali also colored all over herself. She has red sharpie all over her arms, legs, and new tennis shoes! When I was cleaning her up later we talked about how we shouldn't color on walls. She said "I color on wall, I sorry Ms. Anne." Unfortunately we were already at home...she will tell Mrs. Anne she is sorry when we see her again!

UGH! I can't believe I caught her red handed already!

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Thursday, October 04, 2007
Laughter is the Best Medicine
I feel like I am always laughing. With the adventures that seem to get thrown at us, there isn't a dull moment. We have learned that we can either laugh through them or cry all day, lol! Laughter is a much better choice!

Yesterday I woke up grumpy and everything seemed to just make it worse. I was forgetting to laugh through all the small little happenings of the day and I let them get to me. I finally made it off to work and Clark had the girls for the evening. Work went well and I got a good workout while there, so a lot of my stress had melted away.

I got home and noticed that Cali (my two year old) already had a bath. I told Clark I was impressed that bath time had already happened. He gave me a look and I knew a good belly laugh was on the way! It seems Cali got into the crayola washable markers and drew on every inch of skin showing. Her arms, hands, feet and face were completely covered! Clark said all you could see of her natural color was her eyes! She looked like a camouflaged soldier disguised as Native American in war paint! She still has a blue, red, and green tint all over her where it just didn't come off completely. You only see it if you look really closely or see her in certain lighting. But when I caught gimpse of that tiny bit of color ALL over her and saw for myself the amount of marker she had colored on herself I about fell out of my chair laughing. I am telling you, she even colored her eyelids! She got her fingernails and toenails, she got inbetween her fingers and toes. She was COVERED and knowing that my poor dh had to deal with it while trying to get dinner and finish up laundry for me gave me the biggest laugh I have had in a long time!

I am just glad it wasn't a sharpie she got into AND that no walls were colored on this time. I truly have my hands full!

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