Sunday, February 25, 2007
Horses, Horses Everywhere!!
As we were packing up the girls princess bedroom in Korea, Melisa asked me if we could re-do her room in America. She REALLY wanted a horse bedroom. I told I was sure we could do that. So, all the princess stuff is packed away and out came new horsey fun! Last Wednesday they bunk beds finally arrived (in a million pieces) and yesterday I sat down to put it together. Clark was up at the School judging the Miss. William Carey Pageant and the girls and I were at home. With their "help" I started at 10 am and had it completely assembled by 2:30 pm! What a day! I still have two pink shelves and 2 framed horse pictures to hang, but other than that we are finished. Clark is eventullay going to paint a mural to match the quilt and I am going to buy a book shelf that is designed to hold those pink and purple chalk board bins. When we do those last few things I will take more pictures, but until then here they are!

***Click each image to see it in full size***

On a side note, we got our crate on Friday, but that is a whole post by itself, so I will be sure to come back later and give it to you!

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007
The Beginning of the Last
Today is the first day of my last year in my twenties. That is right, I turned 29 years old today. And just in case I wanted to forget my family would have NONE of that. As my alarm clock went off Melisa and Clark came to my bedside and sang Happy Birthday and gave me good morning kisses. Then I hit snooze and tried to forget it was time to get up! Unfortunately, the snooze only lasted 5 more minutes and the clock reminded me it was time to get up again. So, I drug my 29 year old tail out of bed. As I was doing this the phone rang and it was my Dear Ole' Dad calling to sing me Happy Birthday and remind me that I was only a year from 30 now...LOL! Thanks Dad...I needed that reminder!

Today was a bit crazy...just like Valentine's Day. We drove Daddy to work and then headed to Cali's gymnastics. Only today we ran errands on the way to gym. We stopped by the bank and deposited some checks and then headed to gym but got side tracked with the Krispy Cream Donut's my birthday, I'm allowed to splurge! The girls and I enjoyed Donut Holes for breakfast before Cali's class.

We finally made it to Cali's gymnastics class and had a BLAST doing it. Cali got to jump on the trampoline today and walk on the balance beam again. Then she got to hang from a bar and do a glip! She was just the cutest thing EVER!!! After Cali's class, we headed home and Melisa and I dove into school. We finished in record time today. We didn't start until 11:15 then we took an hour long lunch break (more about that in a minute) and STILL finished by 2:45!! We did a full day of work in under 3 hours! WHOOOHOOOO!! What a birthday present! AND Melisa made a 99 A on her Phonics test!!! As if ALL that wasn't good enough, we got a box from FL with Valentine's presents and birthday presents from family. It was TOO sweet and I can't wait to go spend all my gift Cards...THANKS EVERYONE!!!

During lunch break we were excited to see an 18 wheeler pull up infront of our was the girls bunk beds! Now I just have to take an afternoon or two and put them together. I am SOOO excited that we can get the girls off the air matresses!!! YAY!!! Pictures of their room will be coming soon!

At 4:00 we loaded back up in the car and headed to the gym again for Melisa's gymnastics class! Melisa LOVED her class again and had fun working on all the equipment. I was so proud of my girlie, she looks SO great out there! I can't wait for parents day where I can go in and get some pictures of parents are allowed in the gym...grrrr!!!!

When gym was over, we headed back up to the University and picked Clark up from work. He had an awesome day up at the school with the first meeting of the International Student Organization. They voted in officers and brain stormed ideas for projects and events. It is SO exciting to see the kick off of the club...YAY!!! I only wish I could have been up there for the meeting!

Now, we are enjoyng a quiet evening at home with pizza and cake. I have the night off and am enjoying cuddling with my 3 favorite people, watching TV, and eating YUMMY American food! LOL! This weekend Clark will be taking me out while we have a baby sitter watch the will be the first time we have gone out alone on a date since Cali was born!!!! I can't wait, it is the best birthday present a girl could get! I can't wait!!!!

Thanks everyone for the sweet birthday wishes on MySpace! Love you all!!!!

SO, back to the point of this post. It is my LAST year in my twenties. I want to make the most of this year and get my priorities straight. I want to spend every minute living for the Lord and enjoying the family and friends He has blessed me with. Next year when I turn 30 I will be able to look back over my twenties and know that they were awesome and look ahead to 10 more years of fun and adventures with those I love the most while serving my Master and Creator!

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Sunday, February 18, 2007
Happy Lunar New Year...
...aka Chinese New Year! Today we took a step back into Korea without taking the long flight over the Big Pond! We visited the Korean church in town. As we stepped in the doors of the church it was like we had been beamed back to Korea. The inside of the church was identical to every single Korean church we stepped foot in, in Korea. It was like going home!

Our neighbors joined us and it was exciting to share Korean culture with them! The church even provided us with ear pieces that sent a complete translation of the service into English in our ears. Talk about awesome! We were able to understand the entire sermon and get a taste of "home"! The Halmonies (grandma's) pinched the girls cheeks and loved on them. They nicknames Cali "little Jeju" and wanted to hear all of Melisa's Korean!

After the service we walked across the street and enjoyed a DELICIOUS traditional Korean New Years lunch! YUM, YUM, YUM!!! After being in the states for 2 + months, some traditional Korean food hit the spot...not to mention all of those sweet Korean faces and those wonderful welcoming smiles! I REEALLY felt like I had gone back "home"! I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate Lunar New Years than with the people who introduced it to me back in 2003! I only wish I would have taken some pictures!

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Our Valentine's Day
Sorry this is so late...OOPS! We had a great day on Wednesday...but it was a busy one. We started the day by driving Daddy to work so that we could have the car for our first day of gymnastics. But before I get ahead of myself, the morning greeted us with our Valentine's presents...Misa got Cinderella III, playdough and some candy. Cali got a Doodle Bops DVD, some playdough, and some candy. I got some aroma bath stuff and a promise of 2 hours of Clark taking the girls out so I could have peace and quiet on Saturday...LOL! Clark got BIG hugs from all of us and some of his favorite Chocolates!!

Then it was off to the gym for Cali's first Bouncing Babies class. Misa was awesome and sat in the observation room and did her seatwork while Cali and I had class. Class was TOO cute. We started out stretching and then went to the tumble run trampoline for Cali to run down and then jump down. Next we went to the circle area and did a circuit of different exercises. Cali hung and swung from a bar, rolled down a ramp, did a backwards summersault, ran and "jumped" on the vault, "jumped" (more like climbed) up a step, walked across a balance beam, and jumped on a trampoline. After the circuit time they got to slide down into the foam pit and play for a while. They weren't sure if Cali was going to like it because it is very large and can be scary...but Cali took right to it and didn't want to get off when we headed out. After the pit, the class crawled through some tunnels and had a blas doing it. To end class they walked on the beam again and as they finished their teacher gave them a 4 stamps (one on each hand and foot). Cali didn't want to leave and kept trying to run back was awesome.

After class, we rushed home to get moving on our school day. Misa flew threw school and we had an great day! I honestly think that it was the smoothest school day we have had since we got to the US! Our day was broken up by a visit from the mail man...with Valentine's presents from Grammy and Gramps in SC! What a treat!!!

At 4:00 we headed out the door and back to the gym. Melisa met her teacher and had an awesome class. She started out doing stretches. It reminded her a lot of her warm up exercises for ballet. After stretching they had to run 4 laps around the gym and then headed over to the balance beam. They practiced walking forward and sideways. Then they practiced jumping off the beam and landing properly. After the beam, they went to some bars hanging on the wall. They climbed to the top and hung. Then they pulled their knees up to their chests as many times as they could. When they felt themselves slipping they would turn and climb back to the top and wait. After the bar they went to the tumble run trampoline and practice jumping and simple tumbling down it. Then they worked on jumping off the vault and landing again. They ended class with a little more stretching and getting their "gym bucks" to either save or spend at the gym store. She was in gymnastics heaven. Cali and I enjoyed the show from the observation room. I was so proud of my little girl!

After gym, it was time to head up to the school and pick Daddy up from work. Once we got Daddy we headed home for a simple dinner and then made some valentine cupcakes! We couldn't keep the cupcakes to ourselves, so we headed to our neighbors and shared the Valentine's love! :-) We had a nice hour long visit with them to top off our busy but great Valentine's Day!

After the visit it was home for bath and bed time routines. We didn't do a whole lot of special things, but we had fun and we were together...that is what made it the best! Of course I took pictures to remember the bits of the day worth taking pictures here you go...ENJOY!!


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Tuesday, February 13, 2007
And We Have Lift Off
The Global Education Department of William Carey University has officially lifted off and it was a GREAT success! Clark and I have officially been at William Carey for 2 weeks. The first week was nothing but paper work...YUCK! The second week was a LOT more fun! We spent the week calling and meeting all the International Students. We have 39 students from all over the world and we are enjoying getting to know them!

Last night at 6:15 we had 2 vans and our car waiting in front of the Dinning Hall on campus. 24 of our students showed up...WOW! Most of the others were traveling (this week is trimester break). We drove out to the Mall and ate dinner at Garfields. The students are too much fun...we love them already! While we ate we visited and got to know everyone. We discovered that this was the first time an event had been held to gather all the International Students together in one place at the same time. We also learned that the cafeteria food leaves a LOT to be desired, so dinner out was a NICE treat...LOL! Most importantly we were able to get some good ideas of what the International Students need and what they would like to see happen. We can't wait to see where God is going to take this new program!

We have invited 8 students at a time over to our house each night this week so that we can get to know them in smaller groups. It was short notice, so I don't know how many takers we will have, but I hope to be able to report back that we have had some wonderful evenings of fellowship with the students.

Please lift up these 39 International Students. Pray that we will have wisdom and discernment in creating a program to help them as the continue to adjust to life in America. Pray that we would develop good relationships with each student! Pray that God would bring many more International Students to William Carey. I will be sure to keep you updated on how the new job is going!

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Friday, February 09, 2007
Because You Asked
Well maybe not YOU, but a few people did via e-mail. Anyway, pictures of our house have been requested and I aim to please! Not every room is done but the living room, school room, and kitchen are so here are pictures of a few of our rooms that are all settled. I still need to finish our bedroom, the girls bedroom, the playroom, and the dinning more pictures will come soon...I hope!

Without any more rambling, enjoy the pictures!

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Not Quite a Soccer Mom...
...but getting pretty close! It hasn't taken long for us to settle into the comings and goings of daily life. Melisa has been itching to get back into a ballet school, so I made phone calls today all over the place. The ballet school we thought we were going to register her with and had e-mailed with isn't going to work out. It seems we have missed the order date for costumes for all the ballet schools in town and if she joins she can't perform with them. SOOO, I mentioned gymnastics to my sweet girl and was met with PURE joy!! We headed out to the gym this evening and got a tour and all the information! The school even has a Bouncing Babies class for Mom's and Babies that we are registering Cali with. Starting next Tuesday both of my girls will be in gymnastics! Melisa wants to call every family member we have to tell them...she is SOO excited. If she takes to it really well we may add a tumbling or cheer class in the next session! I can't wait to watch my little gymnast! Just to warn you, there will probably be LOTS and LOTS of gym pictures on the ole' blog in the days to come! ;-)

Oh yeah, don't worry, she still wants to be a ballerina too. In August we will register her when everyone starts to take new students again.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007
Oh the Soreness!!!
So, I am feeling my 3 month sabbatical from exercise! I woke up this morning feeling every muscle in my body ache, BUT I made myself continue.

I had an awesome time with the Lord again. I am reading through a great book by John MacArthur, Twelve Extraordinary Women. Today we started talking about Sarah. She may have messed up big trying to "help" God out but can you believe the faith she showed in following God's word to her husband to leave their home country and go to an unknown land. Then, she was submissive to her husband by fleeing to Egypt while pretending to be only his sister. I long to have that kind of faith in God and that kind of submissive heart towards my husband. However, I all too often find myself playing the roll she did when she schemed to find a way to "help" God fulfill His promise. I grasp to the hope that God used Sarah despite her faults and mess ups. I know that even when I fail (which is more often than I like to admit) He can still use me. Praise the Lord, because I am so unworthy to be used!

After my quiet time I made my sore muscles move and did a modified Fab Five from the Eddie Barran book Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exercises for Women. After the Iron Core yesterday it was tough, but once again it was good! I did 60 full body crunches, 175 Hindu Squats, 30 Hindu Push ups, and 60 Butt Raisers. Unfortunately Cali woke up and needed morning mommy cuddles so I didn't get my bridge in, but it was a good work out anyway. I impressed myself with the Hindu Push Korea I was lucky to get 15 good ones total and today I did 15 solid each circuit! I don't know what the difference was, but it felt good!

School today wasn't nearly as picturesque as yesterday, but we made it through and got all our work done...WHEW! We struggled our way through math, muttered through writing, piddled through Phonics, mumbled through reading and poetry, and fought tooth and nail through seatwork...BUT it is done and tomorrow is another day...PRAISE THE LORD!

Now I am off to get some time with my girls as Mommy and not the Evil Teacher from the East!

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A Day in the Trees
I have been meaning to post about this for a few days but things keep getting in the way of me getting on-line. Saturday was a fun day for us. We got to help a professor from the University who was teaching an Adventure Based Counseling Class. She was taking them through the ropes course and needed some people to work the course.

We woke up early Saturday morning and headed to Challenge Country. It was a COLD morning, so we bundled up...layers upon felt like we were in Korea again! We even had to pull out the hats, mittens and scarves. BRRRRR! It was worth it though because we had tons of fun! Melisa and Clark went with one group through the low ropes and I helped lead another group through the low ropes. Cali went back and forth between our groups. Melisa was able to jump in and join the grad students on the low ropes and had a blast doing it! I think she had better balance than some of them! Cali was a trouper hanging out in the cold. We spent the morning doing the low tension, the muse, the swinging log, and the nitro. By the time we finished all of that it was lunch time and we were all ready to warm up some! We had pizza and salad then headed back out.

We hit the low/high ropes next and Melisa was the only one to do them. It is a ropes course designed for younger kids and Melisa did great on them! She was a touper and ate up all eyes being on her. Clark walked her through them showing the students how you could work one on one with a young child on a low/high ropes. She got to end the course on a zip line! I must admit I was jealous...LOL! She had so much fun and did an awesome job!

It was off to the high ropes next. Clark belayed one element (not sure what he was on) and I was over belaying the Islands in the Sky. While I was waiting for the next person to start my element, Melisa came running up (still harnessed up) and asked if she could do one of the high elements. I had her ask Mr. Gibbs (the man who owns the course) and after his approval she headed up! She ended up doing EVERY element but one on the high ropes. She got scared twice BUT pushed on and finished each element! I was SOOOO proud of her! She is FEARLESS! The only element she didn't do wasn't for lack of trying...there wasn't a 3rd degree harness that fit her, so she couldn't head up. Cali was a trouper too. She let the grad students pass her from arms to arms and even took an hour or so nap with them! Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of Melisa on the high ropes because I was belaying, but I got TONS of her on the low/high ropes! :-)

It was a fun day hanging out in the trees...I hope we get to do it often! Enjoy the pictures....

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007
Starting Again
Well, for the past 3 months or so I have been off to say the least. First of all I have been off spiritually. Finding time to sit alone with my Savior daily has been hard to say the least. Packing, traveling, staying with others, moving, and holidays (the list goes on and on) have kept me from taking the time I need to sit still before my Father. Yet even as I type that I know that I let those things move before the Lord...they didn't make me let them. It was my fault and I am feeling the sin of neglect. Today was the first step to get back where I need to be. I woke up and before anything else, I spent time with my Creator and Savior. Oh what a sweet and precious time it was! I just regret that I let so much time go before I got my priorities straight again! After the time at my Fathers feet this morning I won't let it go again!

Secondly, I have been off physically. I haven't been eating well or exercising. I have felt sluggish and worn out. I have gained about 5 pounds and I HATE that! So, after my time with the Lord this morning I made myself work out. I FINALLY put to use the kettlebell that Clark gave me for Christmas. I used a DVD that I got about a year go called "Iron Core"! WOW, it was tough but it was good! I also did really well on eating today only allowing myself 2 hersey kisses! Being active felt SO good!

So, today was my starting day! Isn't it awesome that it is never too late to make a fresh start? I will be checking in here again frequently to keep myself accountable! Now, I am off to get some more good family time! Until tomorrow....

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What I've Missed
Yesterday and today I have discovered the joy of living in an actual HOUSE with a backyard! I didn't realize how much I missed it until we got here and settled into our house!

You see, we finished schooling up by 3:30 yesterday which gave us plenty of outside play time before Daddy got home from work and we started getting dinner ready! I got out the gloves and softballs, the red wagon, and all that good stuff! We ran and played! We laughed and giggled! We had the best time for an hour and a half! The girls climbed the tree in the yard. Cali learned to hit a ball of the tee. Melisa and I threw the ball (and she is going to have quite the arm I must say)! It was awesome.

Today we got up and finished math and writing before lunch with time to spare. The sun was shinning and it was a beautiful day. Melisa begged for a picnic and since the morning had gone so well, I couldn't say no. We gathered lunch, grabbed a blanket and headed out to the back yard. It was BEAUTIFUL! The sun was shinning, there was a soft felt like a spring day! We ate lunch and cleaned up but it was still SO beautiful that I didn't have the heart to go back inside. So, we ran in, grabbed the school books and finished our day of school out on a blanket in the backyard! It is moments like those that remind me of why I want to homeschool! We had the best afternoon in the backyard schooling and playing! Daddy surprised us and came home an hour early beacuse he finished at the insurance fair and was told he could head home! What a nice surprise. Needless to say, it has been an awesome day!

In Korea it took planning to pack up and have a picnic. We had to plan carefully to get time outside to play. We had to make sure we had everything we might need before we would head out. We couldn't just go without planning it. I have SO missed having a yard to just step out into and play! It has shown me what a blessing it is to be where we are. Seeing the girls faces playing outside in our own yard is priceless! I know we have our own set of problems here that we didn't have in Korea, but today, I am very happy to be here, where God has called us for this time! Here are some pictures from yesterday and today!


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I'm a Grown Up Now!
Well, we are finally settled in our house and we are getting settled at work. I am part time at the University and Clark is full time. It is sad to see him go out the door every morning and not see him until evening, but it is good to be getting into a schedule. 2 or 3 days a week he comes home around lunch and picks up the girls and I for me to put a few hours in up at the University. Cali quietly plays with toys and Melisa sits and works on her seatwork while I put in some hours.

However, since it is at a University, I have to dress professionally on those days. Now let me remind you, we have worked with young families and blue collar workers and Melsia has not seen me "dressed professionally" in 4 1/2 years! What a glorious 4 1/2 years that was...I hate, Hate, HATE dressing up! Well, as I walked out of my bedroom all ready for work on Monday Melisa announces "WOW, you look just like Mommom (my mom)you must be a grown up now!" LOL!! I asked her what I was before and she said "I don't know, but you didn't look grown up like Mommom!"

So, there you have it, straight from the Bug's mouth...I am a grown up now...just like Mommom!

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Friday, February 02, 2007
Shy Bone
This happened a few weeks ago, but I keep forgetting to share this cute one with you! We were having dinner with some new people and I was introducing the girls. I said "This is Cali, she is my shy one. This Melisa, she doesn't have a shy bone in her body!" Melisa interupted and said "OH YES I DO!! I have one shy bone right here in my big toe. When I step on that part of my foot, my shyness comes out!" So, there you have it...I stand corrected...she does have ONE shy bone in her body! I just guess she has never stepped on it in my presence...LOL! I love my cute little seven year old!

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