Saturday, February 28, 2009
Real Life OR Creative Writing Project
I may be teaching Language Arts right now, but I promise this is NO Creative Writing project. I honestly don't think I could be this creative! The stories and events you are about to hear are entirely true. In fact they are a pretty good representation of what my life is really like.

Tuesday morning started like another. I was up at 5:30 to get ready for another day of teaching. The girls were up at 6:30 to begin preparing for another day of learning. We were out the door right on time at 7:15. Nothing and I mean NOTHING was out of the ordinary. After we arrived at the school with no questionable or concerning events, I dropped the girls off at their respective classes.

As the morning announcements began my shoulder began to itch. I was wearing a shirt that I have worn many times in the past two years. It is a black and white shirt and the arms are lace. I have always dried it on the delicate setting. However, we just had our heating element replaced last week after it blew. My best guess is that the new heating element puts out much more heat than the old one did. As the day went on I noticed I was itching more and more. Between second and third periods I looked down and everywhere that I had scratched a hole had formed in my shirt. It was disintegrating as the day went on.

I RAN to the back of my classroom and grabbed my jacket. I zipped it up to the neck to hide. The itching didn't stop. In between classes I would unzip my jacket and look at the damage done. It was always worse than before. My shirt was literally falling apart as I wore it. By noon the sun had come out and people kept asking why are wearing a jacket. This made my day even worse because then I had to explain that my shirt was falling apart. If I made up a lame excuse I could just see them trying to blame my husband for abuse or something!

At about 2:00 I checked the calendar just to realize that I had a parent/teacher meeting at 3:00. At this point I FINALLY give in and run to the front office to call Clark. My loving, amazing, wonderful husband dropped what he was doing, drove home, ironed a new shirt for me, and brought it up to the school for me. Once I had the new shirt on I was sure my adventure for the day was over.

The parent/teacher meeting went well. I picked the girls up and we headed home. Melisa had most of her homework done, I was headed to workout, meat was defrosting for dinner, and our nightly routine was in full swing. Before I knew what was happening, Cali came RUNNING into my bedroom crying "There's a ba in my ear! There's a BA in my ear! There is a BAAA in my ear!" We thought that she might have heard a fly or gnat buz by causing her to think there was a bug in her ear. We tried to calm her down and tell her there was no bug in her ear. Cali proceeds to throw her hands down on the table and say "NOOOOO, there is a BAAALLLL in my ear!"

For the second time today, panic sets in. I lay her down in the bathroom counter, shine a flashlight in her ear and sure enough, there is a tiny red ball in her ear. It seems Melisa was playing with aquadots and Cali found one. She decided it would be fun to see how well it fit in her ear. She immediately realized what a bad idea it was and started trying to dig it out. As she dug the ball was pushed farther and farther into her ear.

My Paramedic Father and EMT husband laid her out on the kitched counter and procceeded to try to get it out of her ear wtih the suction bulb that we got from the hospital when she was born. Of course that didn't work, so we were off to he ER. She had NO pain. Everyone else in the ER waiting room did have pain. Guess who had the longest wait? Oh yeah, it was us.

We were at the hospital for about 4 hours. It took the doctor all of five minutes to attach different sized attachements to the end of a suction unit (yeah that is a nice way to say a vacuum). They sucked the ball right out of her ear. They asked us if we wanted to keep the ball...if you could have seen the look I gave them, they knew the answer was no!

We got home at 9:30 or so and then had to do dinner, bathtime, and bedtime. Needless to say we were HOURS past bedtime. By the time I was finally able to go to sleep I was out cold with strange dreams of disintigrating shirts and tiny balls stuck in ears. Hmmmm....wonder where that came from?

Thankfully Wednesday was an uneventful day! I don't think I could have lived out a second day that seemed more like a Creative Writing project one of my students would write rather than my REAL life.

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Another Year Older
As of one week ago, I am one year older. I am no long JUST 30, I am "into" my 30s! I still don't feel any different. In fact I often forget I am already 31...I think I have convienced myself I am still in my 20s.

The last birthday that I was able to celebrate with my extended family was in 2002! Unfortunately, Clark had to take one last class for his certifications and was gone from 9 to 5. The girlies and I had a fun day together though. When Clark got off work we headed out to Outback Steakhouse and had dinner with my Dad, Mom, and Stepdad. It was a quiet birthday, but special all the same.

The exciting thing is....guess what I got for my new computer cord. SOOOO, I am FINALLY back on MY computer. I shouldn't be MIA so much now. YAY!!!

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Saturday, February 14, 2009
A New Level of Motherhood!
I didn't see this one coming at ALL! I was blindsided and knocked off my feet. A few weeks ago I stopped by Melisa's table in the school cafeteria to give her a hug and kiss. I whispered that I loved her and was on my way. A little later that day I hear a small knock at my classroom door. I was surprised to see Melisa standing there looking a bit shy (which isn't at ALL like her). She the says, "Mom, I need to talk to you about something. When you see me with my class, don't give me kisses. A hug is ok, but kisses are embarrassing. At home it is all ok, but not when I am in class." I agreed to it and gave her a HUG without a kiss with a smile on my face and my heart breaking inside! It seems that I have reached a new level of motherhood that I wasn't prepared for...are we really, truly EVER prepared for the next one?

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Valentine's Day Fun
Could yesterday have been more awesome? :-)

This is the first time Melisa got to experience Valentine's Day in a "real" school. Let me tell you, she just ATE IT UP! She came home with a teddy bear given to her by a boy who has a crush on her. She was told that she is the FIRST girl in their class to ever get a "special" present from a boy! I am SOOOO not ready for this! I am getting ahead of myself though....

The day started out with chapel at the school. Melisa's class dressed up like Abe Lincoln to say the Gettysburg Address. They were just TOO cute! When I get back on MY computer I will post pictures. Then, she got to experience her first school party day! :-) She was SO full of sugar that she was bouncing off the wall! When I picked her up from her classroom, she had a sandwich bag full of Valentine Cards, candy, and other goodies. She also had a vase of 5 carnations from the carnation sale (I sent her 3 and she got 2 from friends) and her teddy bear who was named "Mr. Cuddles" but has since been changed to "Love." I am telling you people, I am SOOO not ready for this!

Cali had a school party as well. She came home with 2 flowers, a bag full of cards and goodies, and a tummy full of SUGAR! :-) She was so proud of her cards. She went through each one naming the friend who gave them to her. I don't think she could have been ANY cuter!

As if they hadn't had enough excitement for one day, after school we headed to Miss. Kristy's house for a Valentine's Day party/sleepover. I am not sure all that they have done, but I know they made homemade pizza, watched a new movie, played games, and lots more. They called me around 9:00 to tell me goodnight and I haven't heard from them since.

Clark and I actually got to go on one of those things...what are they has been so long I can't remember! Oh yeah, a D-A-T-E!!!! We had an AMAZING dinner at Olive Garden (and ate WAY too much). Our next stop was Baskin Robbins where we got some chocolate chip ice cream to take home and devour. Our final stop before home was blockbuster. We rented "Fireproof" and headed home to cuddle up with a good movie and ice cream! We actually got to watch an ENTIRE movie without getting interrupted ONCE! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore my girls, but it was so relaxing to just sit and watch a movie without jumping up every 5 minutes!

Today maybe Valentine's Day, but we are back to reality. We have to get the house clean, do some laundry, get fitted for my dress and Clark's tux for the wedding in March, pick up the girls, and grade papers. We may be back to reality...but I have a feeling my patience will go a lot farther today, lol!

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Sunday, February 08, 2009
Technology is My Friend
I said I was coming back from my long hiatus from blogging, I got started strong, and then I went MIA on you all again! We had a nasty computer crash and we were back up and running again for a few days before my laptop power cord decided it didn't want to give the computer power anymore. I am sitting at a borrowed computer waiting for my computer cord to come in. I can't promise when I will be back, but as soon as I get a new cord for my computer, I will be back! :-)

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