Tuesday, December 05, 2006
The Last Night in the Morning Calm
It is 10:50 pm in Seoul Korea, the land of the Morning Calm and I can't bring myself to go to bed. It feels weird to go to sleep for the last time in Korea and I am just not ready for it! The bags are all packed, the van is loaded, outfits are out for tomorrow, the girls are in bed, and there is nothing else to do but I can't bring myself to go to bed. You see, usually when I make the long trip over the Big Pond I am running late and end up collapsing into bed just in time to get 3 or 4 hours of sleep! It feels so strange to be ready to go so early the night before! I just don't know what to do with myself.

We went out to dinner with a dear missionary friend tonight to a great little restaurant caled Suji's! It was a western style restaurant and I had the most delicious hamburger I have had in 2 years! The fellowship was sweet but sad because it was yet again another last! The drive home was equally as sad as I looked at the thousands of neon lights I couldn't help but remember how overwhelming they were that first night almost 4 years ago that we landed in Korea! I don't remember when they went from overwhelming to home but in 4 years they stopped being so overwhelming and became a sign that we were home! And so tonight, as we drove and I watched all the bright signs flashing by with all the Korean characters (that I can now read) I was sad to think that this was the LAST time (at least for a long time) that I would see them!

Now, as I sit here and watch the minutes pass by on my last night in Korea I realize just how much Korea and Koreans have stollen my heart and just how much I am going to miss living here among my people group! I thank God for calling me here and giving me a heart for the work here. I thank God for the growing I have done in Him in four years! I thank God for using me and pray that He continues to as we move on to another stage in life. I pray that He will draw the Koreans, my people, close to Him that they may know Him better! I pray that one day He will allow me to come back here, even if it is just for a short visit! I pray that I will never forget the past 4 years and all that HE has done!

So, it is getting later and as much as I do not want to go to bed for the last time in Korea, I know I will need sleep to make it through a LONG plane ride with a 7 year old and a 20 month old! I am off to bed...Goodnight Korea, the Land of the Morning Calm one last time...I will love you forever and miss you for always!

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Monday, December 04, 2006
Korean Cuisine
I only have 2 more days in Korea, so I thought I better get a few more posts in about Korea before it is no longer my home! As you all know, we just got back from a 5 day trip to Pusan. While there our days seemed to revolve around meals because we ate them with our Korean friends. We made sure we got in all of our favorite Korean dishes while we were there and I made sure I took pictures of them with YOU in mind! :-)

I have spent the last 30 minutes or so searching for articles about Korean dishes because I was sure someone else could describe the food better than I can. So, if you are interested in learning more or seeing more pictures of the foods just click on any of the links I have posted throughout this blog...they are ALL about Korean cuisine!

Korean food is very unique and delcious (if you like spicy foods). The majority of the dishes are very spicy, especially the soups. However, there are also many that are very mild. White sticky rice is a staple as in most Asian cultures and is served with most meals unless noodles are being served. Most Korean foods are famous for being good for a certain part of your health...your heart, your stamina (don't ask any more than that), your immune system, your colon, and so on. Also Korean food (except for rice) is served as a communal dish and many are even cooked in the center of the table. There is usually one large meat entree in the center of the table with many small Pahn Chans (side dishes) placed around. Each person is given a small bowl of rice and often a small bowl of greens or onions with hot spice on it as their own personal dishes and then they share everything else eating off from the communal plate. This concept took me a long time to get used to as I am a germ-a-phobic...LOL...but after 4 years I find myself digging in to my favorite dishes and not thinking once about the germs that are flowing!

Korean's do not use wooden chopsticks like other Asian cultures, they use stainless steal chopsticks and a stainless steal spoon. It took us a while to get used to using them, but in 4 years time we have mastered the art of metal chopsticks and am proud to say that Bug can now use Korean chopsticks!

So, without further rambling on my part, I will get to the pictures I have taken of the Korean foods we have eaten in the past few days! I hope you enjoy getting a look at what we have been eating for the last 4 years. I promise everything you see (but the milchee...dried fish) I have eaten AND enjoyed! There are 4 different slide shows...I told you I took a LOT this week just for YOU!!!

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Sunday, December 03, 2006
We Are Alive
This is going to be a short one, but I wanted to come in and let you all know that we made it to Pusan and back to Seoul safe and sound! It was a busy and emotional 5 days, but wonderful just the same! The 6 hour drive back to Seoul was a long one today, but we arrived back at our guest Unit at 10:30 pm. The van is unloaded, the girls have had a bath, and we are all ready for bed! So, I am going to turn off the computer, head back into our room and get a much needed night of sleep! I will be back (tomorrow I hope) with stories and pictures from our trip!

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