Sunday, June 25, 2006
See You In Two Weeks!
I don't know how many people are reading my blog, but I just wanted to let you know that I will resume posting on July 8th or 9th. Tomorrow morning the family and I are flying out of country for a business trip/vacation. We will be gone for 13 days and I will have limited access to the internet. SO, I will see you again in two weeks!

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Saturday, June 24, 2006
The Healthy Choice
About a month ago, an on-line friend of mine started talking about changing the way her family ate. It was very interesting to me and I followed all that she posted about making this BIG change and the benifits her family was seeing! I was really interested in adopting some of her ideas into my family, but didn't want to push anything on my wonderful husband that he didn't really want. SO, I prayed about it. I prayed that God would lead open the doors to changing our eating habits if it is what he wanted for us!

Today, my husband and I were trying out some new exercises that we had found in a new book we had ordered. After a few minutes, he looked at me and said "This may sound REALLY strange and you may laugh at it, but what would you think if our family started slowly moving towards a vegitarian diet?" Then he also mentioned eating only natural sugars and cutting out the processed foods. I was so excited, this is truly an answer to prayer!

The really awesome thing is that we both have the exact same reasons behind the changes. We aren't doing it because we don't want to eat animals...we are doing it for our health! So many of the meats today have the possibility of having disease in them. We live in a society that eats way too much sugar and processed foods. My husbands family has a LONG history of heart problems. If we teach our daughters to eat well now, they will have a healthier life style when they are older and might not have the problems that the rest of the family does. We will teach them to be careful and go to the doctor because we know some of it isn't what you eat and just family genes, but anything to help is worth it!

We have decided that Saturday will be our splurge day and we will keep it as pizza and treat day where we drink a soda with dinner and eat ice cream or a candy bar afterwards, but other than that we are cutting out all the extra sugar that isn't natural from fruits and whatnot. We will still eat meat on occassions, but we are going to begin to learn to cook meals that do not use meats, but other forms of protein. We will continue to eat dairy products though. Anyway, we have LOT to learn and a lot of reading, but dear husband and I made a big decision today to change our lifestyle! If anyone knows any website or blogs that would give us some good information, we are looking for anything we can find!

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Monday, June 19, 2006
Farewell to a Friend
As I sit here at the computer I am still in a daze and disbelief. I am preparing to fly to Pusan, the city we used to live in, tomorrow morning. The baby and I will fly out while Clark and my big girl stay back at home to keep on keeping on with the ministry. Yesterday, I got an e-mail that was extremely hard to read. I found out that a dear friend of ours has only a few days left to live. Cancer has taken over her body and they do not know how much time she has left. She is an amazing of the strongest I have ever known. I have watched her battle cancer for the past 3 1/2 years and my heart is breaking over having to say good-bye.

Three and a half years ago we moved to Korea. Shortly after we moved here, we were introduced to Dr. Park. She is the pharmacist at the Baptist Hospital. She has prayed daily for the ministry God has called me to since that day! She has helped me translate more times than I can count! She has helped me get a Korean cell phone, helped me high party planners for festivals in the park, she has helped me do the simple and the complex. Never once has she complained or said no. She is a servant like none I have ever met! We have shared countless meals talking and visiting. We have laughed and cried together. She has given me advice and encouragement! Within weeks of knowing her I began calling her my "Korean Angel" and I can't think of any better way to desccribe her! She was an angel that God sent into my life.

She has been battling cancer for many years now. She has come in and out of remission. However, the cancer has spread quickly in the past few months and has taken over her body. There is nothing else the doctors know to do! When we talked to her she replied, in true form I might add "I feel there is much more work I can do for God and if he wants me to, He will heal me completely, I am still praying for it daily." So, today I am joining in with her prayers and praying that if God has something else for her to do that He would heal her completely. However, I know that if she has completed her work here on Earth for the Lord then she will have a glorious meeting with Him soon. Oh, the crown of jewels that will be placed on her head... I don't know if it will be sooner or later, but it will be a sight to see. She is truly a faithful servant of the Lord!

As I pack my bags to go my heart cries out to the Lord to let her stay longer. I know saying good-bye to her will be one of the hardest things I have ever done! Dr. Park will be missed greatly! No one will ever be able to replace my Korean Angel!

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Friday, June 16, 2006
IRL vs. On-line
Today's post maybe very random, but it something that dh (dear husband) and I have been talking in reality friends (face to face friends) and my on-line friends. I find myself go through cycles...I spend one week communicating with my IRL friends and don't spend much time reading blogs or chatting on the forums. Then the next week I will find myself not talking on the phone, going out to visit as many people, or sending e-mails to those I have known over the years, but rather chatting with all my new on-line friends. They are both just as real and just as important to me. But, I need to make sure I always keep the balance. What would it be like if I pushed all my IRL friends away and only had those on-line to turn real arms to give me hugs and no real sounds of laughter? What would it be like if I needed non-biased advice or a listening ear at 1 am and I only had people that I was afraid to call because I would be waking them (((HUGS))) and no LOL"s?

I love my IRL friends SO very much...many have been dear to me since college, highschool, or even before! I love my on-line friends, in the past year or two we have been through so much together and they could never be replaced by anyone! God has blessed me with some very special friends...many I have known for years now and others I have never met face to face! I feel SO blessed to have them each in my life. Now, I have a responsibility to nurture each of those relationships. If I let weeks go by...because sometimes it will happen...I need to make sure I check in and let my friends (IRL and on-line) know that I am still here and sorry for not being there. I need to make sure that I do not take either of the groups of friend for granted! I need to remember to balance between the two...nurturing each relationship as needed. Each and every friend is a blessing that I don't ever want to take for granted!

As I think about nuturing my relationship with friends, I also think about nuturing my relationship with the Lord! How often do I let a week go by without really sitting before my Lord and King? He is the BEST friend that I could ever I treat Him like it? Do I really spend time nurturing and growing my relationship with Him, or do I take Him for granted knowing that He will always be there? He deserves to be the FIRST and HIGHEST priority of each and every day! He is my BEST friend and my Savior and I don't ever want to take Him for granted!

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Motherhood I go on another post. I am not sure if anyone reads my ramblings or not! If they do, I feel bad for all my grammar errors and spelling errors. If I do have any readers out there, I am sorry! Bear with is late and I am exauhsted! However, God has laid the following ramblings on my heart, and I need to share!

Right now I am laying here between my girls in our homemade living room tent. Clark is gone on an overnight trip for the night, so the girls and I are having a camp out to make it a little more fun while Daddy is gone. As I stare at my two sleeping princesses, I am overwhelmed by how much I love them! I love them both more than words can describe! I love their sweet faces. I love their giggles and squeals. Nothing breaks my heart like their tears! I love their sweet arms around my neck and their little voices can melt my heart in a split second! I love listening to my oldest daughter tell stories and watch her draw and create art! I love watching my youngest daughter run all over the house squealing with delight that she has finally learned how to RUN! I love everything about my daughters...even the trouble that they get into!

As I think about how much I love them I also feel so unfit or inadequate to be their mother. Because of my love for them, I want them to have the very best and I fear that I am not the very best! I am not a great fact I am pretty bad at it! I feel that I am often selfish and petty. I am impatient and easily frustrated! I have come a LONG way over the years, but I have SO far left to go! When I think of all my faults, I wonder what kind of mother I make!

Then, it hits me that God chose for me to be the mother of these two girls. WOW, what an honor! It makes me want to strive to be the best. I know that I am powerless to be all that they need me to be, BUT in my weaknesses God is strong! Where I am not good enough, where I am not smart enough, where I am not strong enough....GOD IS! And that is all that matters!

But then, something else hits me. It isn't even about ME at all! How many times did I use the words "me" and "I" above? It isn't about me but it is ALL ABOUT HIM! All that matters is what HE is about! God created me! God created my girls! God created the Universe! He created it all to GLORIFY HIM!! So, as I strive to live my life Glorifying HIM in all I do and I teach my girls to Glorify HIM in all they do I am living out HIS will and I am being just the mother that HE has called me to be.

God is SO good! He is the center of it all and in HIM are ALL the answers!!

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Sunday, June 11, 2006
OK...this is going to sound really strange...but Clark asked me to post a blog on his MySpace blog and we need your help! Go check his MySpace...the link is in the post before this one and leave him a comment...I am looking forward to reading them! Thanks for the help in advance! LOL!

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It's Addictive!
Well, I got started on this blogging adventure last year and the year before that I got started on keeping a website for my girls. It is password protected now to protect them, but I still keep up with it weekly. What is funny is that I have my whole family addicted fun is that!

It started with my mom! She is keeping up a site for our family and helping me with one for my nephew too. Then a close friend of mine got started by doing a page for her girls. THEN, another friend followed to baby homepages as well. Then, Clark got started with his blog on blogger but soon moved over to MySpace. Now to top it all off my Dad has a blog too! I love it...we are all staying connected on the internet and it is SO much fun! The whole family is addicted and I am the worst! It all started because we moved to Korea and I was looking for ways to stay in touch and now we are all going strong! You gotta LOVE it!


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Wednesday, June 07, 2006
A Verse For the Day
Just a verse to ponder on for the day!

"As water reflects a face, so a man's heart reflects the man."
Proverbs 27:19

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