Sunday, November 18, 2007
A Daddy's Arms
I was sitting here playing around with pictures on the computer and trying to unwind after an incredibly crazy week when I saw the most amazing picture of the relationship I want to have with my Heavenly Father! It was actually a sceene that took about 5 minutes to play through.
Clark told Cali he had a ball for her in the car and asked if she wanted to play. She got really excited and said "My ball Daddy, get my ball!" She stood at the door and watched him get her ball. But when he came back it wasn't what she was expecting. She stomped her foot and crossed her arms and pouted. She didn't want to look at him, she just wanted her way.

Let me pause to say that this is me all too often. I see God start to open a new door for me. I can see the blessings coming. Then, all of a sudden I see what He had in store for me and it wasn't what I was expecting, so I stomp my feet, or rather drag them, and pout about it.

Now, back to my story from today. Clark proceeded to play with the ball. He bounced it, he threw it and he hit himself in the head with it a few times. As she started to see what that ball had in store for her her arms uncrossed and slowly the pout became a smile. She couldn't fight the giggles when Daddy proceeded to hit Mommy in the head with the ball. Before long she was playing and laughing and LOVING her gift from Daddy.

Now, God does this to me. He will continue to move along with HIS plans dispite my hissy fit. As I see His will unfold I fall in love with the new place I find myself and know that His plan was better all along. I find myself laughing and giggling. I find myself in His joy. He is the ultimate Daddy and He delights in His children.

Cali was having a great time. The ball went rolling to the playroom and she took off after it. Once in the playroom something caught her eye and is scared her. She didn't think twice about what to do when she was scared. She ran right to her Daddy saying "Uppy Me Daddy, Uppy me! I scared!" Clark scooped her up and wrapped his loving arms around his little girl and kept her safe. He carried her right back to what scared her and asked her what was wrong. She promptly showed him a scary looking toy. It's amazing how that toy wasn't nearly as scary from the safety of her Daddy's arms. As soon as she showed it to him, Clark removed the toy from the playroom and let her know that she was safe. She the wrapped her little arms around his neck and said "Tankyou Daddy, I wub you!" (Thank you Daddy, I love you). Clark once again wrapped his arms around her, held her tight, said "I love you too baby." She knows that she can run to him anytime she is afraid now. There is now safer place than her Daddy's arms!

Oh, think about it! Our "Daddy" is the most powerful and amazing one arouond. Changes and trials can be very scary but we have a "Daddy" who is bigger than anything this world can throw at us, because HE created it! He is waiting to scoop us up in His arms and carry us through the trials and help us face the changes head on. He is our shelter in the storm and our strength when we are weak. Why is it then that I fail to run immediately to him like Cali ran to Clark? I try to do it on my own, I try to find help around me, and then when I come to the end of my rope I FINALLY run to Him for help. I want my first response to be running to my Daddy, my Father in Heaven. The safest place I could ever be is in my Father's Arms!

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Monday, November 12, 2007
One Small Step for a Toddler...
one giant leap for potty training!


So, today I finally decided we needed a little more motivation for potty training! As soon as gymnastics was over we headed to Walmart! We bought a small training potty that plays music when she uses it, 2 packs of panties (Tinkerbell and Disney Princesses), and some hersey kisses! As soon as we got home I took the potty out of the box and she couldn't wait to sit on it! Within 5 minutes the music was playing and we had success! She got a hersey kiss and a pair of tinkerbell panties in place of her pull up.

We settled in and started house work and school work. About an hour into our routine Cali hopped up and yelled "I pee pee in my potty" and she took off running to the bathroom. She was in such a hurry she ran smack into the door, lol! I picked her up off the floor and we kept on trucking to the bathroom. As soon as she sat down we heard music again....that is the sweetest music my ears have ever heard!! She got another kiss and still had dry tink undies.

All had been quiet and Miss. Kristy came knocking to watch the girls while I went to work. Cali got excited and told Kristy that she would pee pee in her potty! So, off we went to show her and sure enough, as soon as she sat down that sweet music played again. Another kiss was in that child is going to be wound up, lol! We put her back in a pull up though because it was time to head out of the house to ballet.

When I got home from work, I was sad to see that she had a wet pull-up on. But, I asked her if she wanted to put Tinkerbell back on and try to use her potty. At first she said no and ate on her dinner. But a few minutes later she came running and said "Mommy I go poopy! " I checked her pull up and it was clean, so took her to the potty. This time we sat and sat and sat and sat some more! Finally, after what felt like forever I heard the music playing and sure enough, we had gone poopy in the potty! This is a first for us!

I feel like we made GREAT strides today and look forward to another sucessful day tomorrow! Maybe, just maybe we can be potty trained by Christmas! Am I that lucky? I think we can, I think we can, I think we can!

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Saturday, November 10, 2007
A Day in the Trees
Today was ropes course day. First of all, let me say I am worn out! Now that I have made that clear, please excuse my horrible typing tonight as every part of my body is tired and sore (including my hands and fingers)!

I started today out by dropping Clark and the girls off at the school 2 hours early...the joys of being a one car family. I dropped them off at 8:15 and then I headed to the other side of town to work for our other Curves location. I was the only one working there, so I had to be in by 9:45 and let me tell you, I go there at 9:45 on the dot! GO ME! I was at the gym until 12:35 and only had about 8 ladies work out. It was slow but I always love visiting with the ladies. It makes for some good and often interesting conversations.

After I closed Curves, I headed straight to the University (grabbing Chik-fil-a...YUM...for lunch, lol). I got to the school at about 1:15. It was just in time to catch the group finishing up lunch. I must admit that I was disappointed with the International Students...we only had 3 show up for the ropes couse, but at least 2 of them brough friends. So, we had 5 go through the course. We worked so hard in trying to communicate with the students what was going on and they just didn't show up. We saw so many of them just wandering around campus, but they just didn't come over to participate. I don't understand and won't hide my frustration over it. These same students are constantly complaining that there is nothing to do on campus, yet when we plan stuff they don't show up....this is the 3rd event we have had low numbers for this year. I just wish I understood. Oh well...

We did have an awesome time with the 5 that showed up. They all made it across the course. They all loved the low and high elements. They are did an amazing job! I am SOOO proud of them. I am especlally proud of one student who has a great fear of hieghts and still did it. It made the day worth while! Of course Melisa went across and did great. It was like her 4th time on a ropes I'm not suprised she did so well. I think we got some good pics, so I will post them tomorrow!

After the ropes course, we took an hour break and the students went to shower off while unset the course. We met back and headed to the house of someone else on the Carey Staff. She was gracious enough to host the students in her home and cook for us. She prepared an amazing "make your own tacos" night...and it was GOOD! I ate WAY too much but savored every bite! We had a few more students show up for the dinner...probably 10 or 11 showed up to eat...still a little disappointing, but I am glad at least 10 showed up! We spent the evening visiting and eating. You can't beat that can you?

We got home right at 8:30 and it took 30 minutes and Cali was sound asleep. Melisa is in the shower now and will be heading to bed inthe near future...I can't imagine I will be far behind...that is if I can peel myself out of this comfy chair to get to the bed! Did I mention I hurt ALL over, lol?!!

On another tangent, I do have Melisa's cold and it has got me down. I lived on Alka Seltzer Cold (daytime) today! I never would have made it without it! I hope it goes away soon because my throat hurts, my head hurts, I keep sneezing, and my nose is runny. YUCK! So, on that note, I am off to bed myself. I need some rest if I am getting up and going to church tomorrow! And yes, I do feel old that I am going to bed at 9:45...but that's ok!

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Happy Halloween (like 10 days late...oops)!
Oops...I can't believe I forgot to post this...yikes, I am REALLY behind here! Sorry I have been MIA...we have just been insanely busy!

Happy Halloween we haven't bee in America for Halloween in a while and we made up for it today. The only reason I am still awake and typing this out is because I am also still trying to bring the girls down from their sugar high!So, the day started this morning at 9:00 when we headed out to gymnastics for Cali. She wore her little Bee costume to gym and was just too cute. It was her last Mommy and Me class ever, so it was bitter sweet. I took tons of pictures and treasured every moment.

After gymnastics, we headed to Chik-fil-a for my accountability meeting The girls played, I visited, and we all enjoyed a yummy lunch. Cali made friends with a little boy and they tried to trade was pretty cute. Melisa made friends with a different little boy and when he hurt his arm she took a napkin and made a bandage for him. Needless to say, it was an interesting lunch, lol!

After Chik-fil-a we headed home for a quick pit stop and drove up to the school to see Daddy then we hit the Zoo Boo! We spent an hour or so at the zoo looking at the animals, playing games, and posing with all the blow up halloween decorations. It was too much fun. Cali really wanted to ride the train, but it was out for service. After a few tears we decided to ride the carousel instead. Cali found a horse just her size and Melisa was in heaven because she is the "horsey queen."

Laser Tag with the International Students was next on our agenda. We headed out to Laser Mania for 2 hours of fun! Three rounds of laser tag and a lot of video games latter, we had run through 2 hours before we knew it. Melisa and Clark made a good team. Melisa was the bait and then Clark got the shots in, lol. It was sneaky but funny! :-) Cali and I cheered from the windows and had fun of our own!

We left Laser Mania and headed straight for church. The church we have been visiting (and think we are going to join) had a Trunk or Treat tonight in the parking lot. Everyone decorated the trunks of their cars and we went trick or treating in their trunks. We also had a big cookout! Hotdogs, chili, and all that good stuff! The girls had a blast checking out all the trunks and got more loot than we will be able to eat.

If all that wasn't enough, we headed out to the mall after church and did a little bit of trick or treating at the stores. We also sat down and did finger prints and dna samples for Free Children ID kits. I hope we never have to use them, but it was a very cool thing the mall was doing for Halloween.

After the mall we FINALLY headed home but before we made it in the house we had to visit the neighbors and let the girls show off their costumes one last time! We took a few last pictures with our pumpkins and then blew them out to call an end to our Halloween. It really as a beautiful and fun day. The weather was perfect, the day was long, and we had a blast! I couldn't have asked for a better first Halloween back in the great US of A!

As I typed this, Cali finally gave in and fell asleep in my lap. Melisa is still sitting on the couch all curled up reading a book about horses. Clark (Daddy) is long gone on the couch and I feel myself following behind quickly. So, I will say one finaly time...HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I hope you all had a wonderful day!PS...Pictures will follow soon and I want to see your pictures and hear all about YOUR day! :-)

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