Monday, May 28, 2007
A Day Off, Together, REALLY?
YES!!! For the first time in over TWO months Clark and I had a day off work together! Yes, I know we work at the same place and share a job title, but we have been working and going NON-stop for the past two + months. Our conversations have been had in the car running from one place to another or as we wwere half asleep at night. But today, today was DIFFERENT! We had the whole day off TOGETHER! We spent the morning doing all kinds of things that we have been meaning to do but didn't have the time. We reorganized the storage house in the yard. We hung the last of the pictures on the wall. We assembled our new shelves (that we got for free), put the new shelves in the back room, and unpacked about 10 boxes of books putting them on the shelves (I won't mention the 10 or so left...ugh). We enjoyed a yummy breakfast sitting down together. Yes, we did ALL of this is the MORNING. It is amazing how much we can do it one morning when we are together!

Around noon, we headed out to turn in the rental car from Clark's trip last week and then headed straight back home for some BIG time fun! Oh yeah, we broke out the new water slide! Talk about FUN! We had a blast!! Clark, Melisa and I had a blast going up and down the slide. Cali LOVED climbing up and went down a few times, but she liked climbing most of all. She also loved sitting in the pool at the base of the slide and getting splashed by our sliding. We must have played on the slide for an hour and a half! It was SOOOO much fun! I have a tons of pictures, but need to charge my battery before I can load the pics.

We are a picnic lunch out in the backyard and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon. The girls played and Clark and I sat in the backyard and talked. Did you hear that? Clark and I actually got to sit side by side in the back yard and talk! We weren't passing off the torch of watching the girls, we weren't on the run, we were just sitting in the backyard relaxing. I know this sounds silly, but we have not once sat in the backyard together and talked while the girls played since we moved here back in January! It was SOOOO nice! I love my husband and I love spending time with him. I wished that moment could have lasted forever.

As the afternoon started to wind down, we got a great idea. Two of our Chinese students are still on campus for the summer, so we called them and invited them over for dinner. A friend of theirs (and now ours) came along too. We did hamburgers and hotdogs. We taught them what Memorial Day meant. We learned about their version of Memorial Day. We watched Cinderella III. They cooked dumplings (very similar to Korean Mondu) for us to go along with the meal and it was delicious! They wanted to look at our wedding pictures and kept telling us our wedding was "romantic". I know you are saying, but that is work, you brought students over...but it didn't feel like work. It felt like sharing our Holiday with "family". It was a special treat that they were able to share with us! I took them back to campus at about 10:30 and by the time I got home Clark had the girls all ready for bed. I am not far behind them.

Today was an awesome day of family fun! It was SOOO nice! I hope yours was great too!

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Saturday, May 26, 2007
Sad But True
Sad But True
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Living with a seven year old makes for the most interesting conversations! I am almost too embarassed to type it out, but I think you might enjoy the fun coversations overheard in the Mason House. Well, this one actually took place in the car...

Melisa: EWWWWW, MOMMY Cali has a booger hanging out of her nose!

Mom: I will get it with a baby wipe.

Dad: Melisa we all have boogers, you don't need to make such a big deal, she is too little to know to blow her nose.

Melisa: Yeah, I get them too, that is why I am always picking my nose.

Mom: Melisa, there is a better way to get them know you can use a tissue and blow your nose!

Melisa: Noooo, that doesn't work for me! You see my boogers are extra sticky and the stick in there. I can blow and blow as hard as I can and they won't come out unless I pick them. It's just the truth Mom!

Mom and Dad: (shaking our heads, I mean, what do you say about that?)

Now, those of you who know us or see Melisa regularly, PLEASE don't go asking her about this, she would probably KILL me for posting this on here! We are getting to "that" age. You know, where your parents are more of an embarassment than anything else...UGH!

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Friday, May 25, 2007
More Pictures!
Here is another set of pictures, these are just random pictures from the past month. ENJOy!

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Pictures From Florida!
Here are some random pictures from our suprise trip to FL back at the end of last month beginning of this month. There are still a few I didn't put on here, but thought I would share what I have up. :-)

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Update...Sorry, No Catchy Title.
Well, I realized I haven't blogged at all this week...OOPS! It has been one of those busy weeks!

Melisa had a dentist appointment on Tuesday and trying to get school done and the laundry done ended up taking up most of my day. She has no new cavities in two years...YAY!! He cleaned her teeth and they look great. Unfortunately he is going to have to pull two teeth in July. She has had 2 teeth loose since Christmas and the reason they aren't falling out is her mouth is too small. The big teeth coming in on top of the baby teeth are trying to push out two baby teeth and so they aren't falling out. I never knew someone who talked that much could have such a small mouth, LOL! I keep telling her that and it makes her laugh rather than worry about it all! :-)

He also gave us some more info on Cali's teeth. He looked at her chart again and from the damage he saw he thinks the problems started with her acid reflux. Because of all the acid in the spit up that first year the anamal didn't form properly so her teeth weren't protected. Then the family history of soft teeth and lack of flouride in Korea just topped it off for a worst case senario. It made me feel better, like it wasn't something I did or didn't do.

Wednesday both of the girls had gymnastics and another day of schooling to try to finish up the year. While all that was going on, we cleaned, cleaned, cleaned so the house would be ready for Daddy the next daay. THEN, we got a phone call from Clark saying he was ALMOST HOME...a day early! His class finished all of the course work early and got to go home a day early...what a treat!

Yesterday we headed to New Orleans for wedding portraits. The girls are going to be in a wedding in August and the bride wanted bridal pictures done with the flower girls. I didn't want to step on the photographers toes, so I didn't snap any shots, but the girls looked TOO cute all dressed up. I hope they e-mail us some of the pictures they took of just the flower girls so I can share with you. We didn't get home until like 10:30 last night, so we are moving a bit slow this morning!

This weekend the craziness continues. A friend of ours is moving, so we are helping with the move and the garage sale before she moves.

Well, I need to get off from here and go get the girls ready to start the day. We need to get some schooling done. :-)

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Monday, May 21, 2007
Faith Like a Child
Today as I watched Cali, my 2 year old, I got a lesson from God. He commands us to have "faith like a child" but do we really know what that means? Well, Cali showed me today exactly what it means.

I have two trays that I let the girls eat breakfast and lunch on rather than loading them up at the table like at dinner. I usually sit down at the trays with them. Well, this morning I got them out in preparation to go fix breakfast. Cali came out and she saw the trays sitting out. She sat down at her tray and waited. She didn't ask if I was fixing breakfast, she didn't come to check to make sure I was making breakfast, she didn' t yell for me or cry because she was waiting. She simply knew that the trays meant breakfast and that meant I was bringing it. She had faith in me to provide for her needs. She didn't question, she didn't worry, she just knew!

A few hours later we headed out to run some errands. Cali's carseat is behind the passengers seat and Melisa's is behind the drivers seat. I told Cali to go to her side and wait. I then made sure Melisa was buckled in, put my purse up front, started the car, and made sure I had the bills we were going to mail, the paper we were going to fax, and all that good stuff. When I finally made it around to Cali's door to let her in, there she was squating and playing with whatever it was she could to find. The car starting and me taking a few minutes longer than usual didn't make her question, she just trusted me! She knew I would not leave without strapping her in her seat! She didn't need to ask me what was taking me so long or question what I was doing, she just waited on me!

Finally, our last errand for the afternoon was stopping by the school to drop off an invoice at the financial office. As we drove onto campus, Cali immediately recognized where we were and clapped her hands and said "YAY, Daddy! HIIII Daddy!" She has been asking for Daddy and all I knew to tell her was that he was at work. Well, we were at Daddy's work, so he should be there. She trusted that I said he was at work, we were at work, he should be there. Unfortunately, he is at a training session all week in GA. He wasn't at the school, but how do you explain that to a 2 year old. I just told her Daddy was working somewhere else today and she immediately cried. She trusted he would be there because I said he was working!

I want to be like Cali. I want to trust my Heavenly Father without question. I don't want to stomp my feet and ask why when I have to wait. I don't want to be impatient. I want to learn to wait on Him and trust that He will take care of me no matter what! The awesome thing is that he will never dissapoint me like I dissapointed Cali today! He will never let me down or be working somewhere else! He is AWLAYS there!

It is amazing what we can learn by watching a child and then striving to be like them!

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Saturday, May 19, 2007
Sleeping, Sand, Sam's, Shrek, and Swinging!
We had another fun Saturday as a family! We started the day out by sleeping in, it was SOOOOO nice! We have not slept in like that in AGES! As the girls woke up and Chin wandered in we had the whole family cuddling in our bed. We talked and tickled and didn't climb out to start breakfast until 9:30! After breakfast we let the girls play in the backyard. We put some fresh sand in the sand table and they had a blast. Poor Chin Goo got sand dumped all over her, LOL. We also played with bubbles. Cali can blow bubbles now and everytime she does it is met with a shreek and a giggle! It is GREAT! Chin Goo chases bubbles and eats them and cracks us up!

When the girls were finally ready to head back in the house we ate a quick lunch and headed out to the movie theater. Unfortunately, they were sold out until 3:45 so we headed to Sam's Club. We joined through the University but never had a chance to go get our cards and shop. We still didn't buy anything, but it was fun to FINALLY get our cards and walk around. I think we are going to start shopping there once a month for the things we use regularly.

We headed back to the movie theater at about 3:30 to see Shrek the Third and it was GREAT! The best part was the live donkey that the movie theater brought in for the opening! Cali cried when it was time to go see the movie! The girls got to pet AND feed the donkey! I didn't have my good camera, but I took some pictures with the camera phone...I just don't know how to get pictures from the phone to the computer...grrrr. Anyway, the movie really was good. The girls giggled and Melisa is still talking about it.

We got home and ate a quick dinner of sticky rice and fried egg with some fruit...could we get much more Korean? Then we got a phone call from our neighbors who were heading down to a new outdoor gym in town and wanted us to go. It is about 5 minutes from our house and is great. There is a quater of a mile track to walk on with an extra extension to make it 1/3 of a mile. Along the track are exercise stations (for those who have been to Korea, it reminds us of Korean parks). There are like 20 or so stations to different body weight exercises. It has a HUGE grassy area for the girls to run and play in! We even ran into some other friends while we were there...ahhh, the fun things about living in a small town. The girls loved the pull up bars, they would climb up and swing! Cali is one tough baby, she can swing for 2 minutes without loosing her grasp! Melisa was amazing me. There was a slanted bar that starts out at five feet and gradually goes to 9 feet high. She shimmied across it and got all the way to the 9 foot mark! I was IMPRESSED! My girls are tough cookies! I walked a mile (while carrying Cali on my shoulders) and played on some of the exercise stations with the girls. It was a fun night and we stayed out WAY too late. We didn't get home until 10 pm (oh wow, that statement makes me sound OLD!).

I love Saturdays like this! There is so much fun to be had as a family! I hope all of you had a fun day today too

Tomorrow we will go to church then say good-bye to Daddy for the week. He is going to Atlanta for a week of ropes course training (I'm jealous...but I have already been to similar training).

Well, the bed is calling my name! I am sure I will be back to blog some more soon...I am waiting for people to get bored with my re-telling of my days and stop reading! I may not get comments, but the stat counter keeps going up, so I know there is someone out there reading. Anyway, if you made it this far, thanks! Now, I am off to bed!

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Friday, May 18, 2007
The Best Big Sister in the World!
I typed ALL about how Cali's appointment went and how she is doing, but I forgot to write about one REALLY important detail...Melisa! She was an amazing big sister durring all of this. When the called Cali's name to be taken back she instantly teared up. The nurses asked if Cali had any special stuffed animal to take with her and I let them know that she had a blankie! That was NOT good enough for Melisa. She immediately pulled out Max, her most special stuffed animal, and handed it to Cali. It was the sweetest gester I have ever seen!

While Cali was waiting, Melisa did everything she could to play with Cali and keep her happy. She made sure Max went with Cali into surgery. She cried for her after she left us and prayed for her as well. As the minutes passed she asked every nurse who passed us how her little sister was doing! When Cali came back and was coming off the medicine Melisa requested an ice pop and a cup of sprite for Cali. She stood at an arms length away ready to help in ANY way she could. She is SO precious! I love how much they love each other!!

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Home and Well
We are home well! :-) Cali is slowly getting back to herself but is still pretty sleepy, swollen and grumpy.

We woke up this morning at 5 am to have her at the doctors office by 7:30. We were all checked in and ready to go by 7:45. By 8:15 we were in our "room" waiting for the doctor to send the "giggle juice" to calm Cali down before they took her. We waited, and we waited, and we waited some more. We colored, we read books, we watched Scooby-Doo on the TV, we blew bubbles, and we did everything else we could think of to entertain Cali. Finally at 9:45 they brought her "giggle juice" and then we waited some more while the meds started to work. By the time she was pretty loopy and droopy they nurses came and took Cali it was 10:05. They came to let us know she was out of surgery and coming off the meds at about 11:15 and by 11:30 we had her back in our arms. Although, she came off from the meds mad at the world and ready to take it on. She was screaming, kicking, and making quite the sceene. It took her a minute to realize I had her but when she did she quickly settled down in my arms and went back to sleep. We got her to drink some liquids and once the nurses were satisfied that she could keep it down they took out her IV, we got her dressed (much to her dismay) and we headed home. We finally got home a little after 12.

She ended up having 3 fillings, 4 silver caps on her molars and 4 white caps on her four front teeth. She is on antibiotics for the next 10 days and because she is so little she is just taking for tylenol/motrin for pain. She still won't eat anything but soft foods, but that is to be expected. The swelling has gone down a lot, but is still kind of there. She has a nemo bandaid where the IV was on her hand and couldn't wait to get her hospital band cut off. She is being a clingy Mommy's girl, but what is new? I can tell the meds are still coming out of her system because every once in a while she will kind of stumble or fall for no reason. I am keeping a close eye on her. Her teeth look great though and I am glad we were able to get it taken care of!

Thanks everyone for all of your prayers! We truly have felt them all day long!

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Thursday, May 17, 2007
New Time
For those of you lifting up prayers for the appointment tomorrow, I just wanted to let you know that the dentist office called and we have been bumped up to 7:30 am. I told Clark that I was sorry for worrying so much when it is such a common proceedure and he reminded me it was ok to be a Mommy and be concerned when it is your own. Know that we appreciate all of your prayers tonight and tomorrow. I will keep you updated tomorrow. :) THANKS!!

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Dental Surgery Tomorrow
Well, the Dentist had 2 cancellations for tomorrow, so Cali is getting in just 4 days after her original appointment...not too bad! I am very relieved, yet worried too! She can't eat anything tonight after midnight before her appointment at 8:30 am. She needs to have her hair pulled back out of her face and in clothes that can easily be changed because she will be in a hospital gown. They will sedate her just like they would a patient going to have their tonsils removed or tubes put in their ears. I am not sure how long it will take, but I will be sure to let you know how she is doing when we get home.

I must say I am very excited that they had a cancellation so soon. I was really expecting it to take a few weeks. However, I am also really nervous. The idea of having her put under scares me. I am resting in the fact that I KNOW God is in controll and that I have given my baby over to Him! He will be guiding the doctors and taking care of her little body! She is 3 years younger than Misa was when she went through this...she is SO tiny...23 pounds is all! Again, as small as she is, the God I serve is bigger than I can even imagine and He is holding my little one! So, even through the Mommy tears that I am sure to shed, I have a peace knowing that He is in controll!

So, I guess I say all of this to ask for your prayers tonight and tomorrow. Pray that the doctor is able to work on all her teeth in this one appointment so we don't have to do it again. Pray for my little Cali Boo, that she would have no reactions to the meds and that her pain afterwards would be minimum! Thank you all for the prayers that I know you will say for us!

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Look at what we are getting!!!!
My Dad, the girls Papa, bought them a "Welcome to your first summer in America Present" or a "You have a backyard now present". It is a 21 foot by 10 1/2 foot by 5 foot blow-up water slide for our backyard. It is INSANE! He bought it in FL yesterday and took it to let my brother and nephew test it out before he sent it to us! They, of course, took tons of pictures so that we could see our new waterslide! The girls are SOOO excited! It blows up in 2 minutes with the pump that comes with it. It is HUGE and FUN! The girls saw pictures and can't wait to get it! THANKS are AWESOME!!!!!!!!

We will get the slide in about a month. My grandparents (the girls great-grandparents) are coming for a visit and bringing it with them! :-)

Once Melisa saw the pictures she FINALLY decided on her birthday party theme! We are going to have a Hula party! We are going to have the waterslide up and running, have a kiddie pool full of sand to be our "beach", have a limbo contest, tiki poles, grass skirts, lays, blow-up palm trees, and so much more. Mommom has tons of "hawaii" decorations that we are going to borrow so we can really do it up without spending a small fortune! We are getting really excited about her birthday (even if it is over 2 months away)!

Anyway, I am sure you want to see the picutres of our new slide since that is the reason I came on here to post! As soon as we get it, I will post pictures of the girls playing on it!

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Don't Blog While on Tylenol PM!
If you read my other blog late last night or early this morning PLEASE forgive my horrid spelling of the main word I was talking about! I woke up this morning and remembered what I blogged and how I spelled it and RAN to the computer to change it!!! OH MY WORD...I am so embarassed! All I can blame it on is a day that started at 4:30 am, and didn't end uptil after 1 am topped off with Tylenol PM and an awful sinus headahce! It takes your brain and throws it out the window and you can't remember how to spell!

I posted this in my other blog, but those of you who already read it, may not want to read it again, so I thought I would post a seperate blog to let you know just how embarassed I am by my Tylenol PM blog!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007
The Inevitable!
The Inevitable
Current mood: drained

OH MY WORD! How terribly embarassing! If you read this last night or early this morning, PLEASE forgive my awfyl spelling of the main word in this blog. I have since corrected it. It will teach me to blog at 1:00 am when I have a sinus headache and have taken Tylenol PM! YIKES!!!!! I am embarassed, please don't think I am as dumb as that mistake would have made me look!

It ALWAYS seems to happen! No matter how much you don't want it to or try to stop it, the inevitable ALWAYS happens! Well, as I think of this week, I must say it has been FULL of the inevitable!

You know what I mean, don't you! It's all about the small things. What about when you manage to turn off your alarm clock in your sleep every morning for a week and miss working out! Or even better, there is that time that you have the company Exon card to get gas and are almost on empty. You pass 15 to 20 exits, never see a single exon, the gas light comes on, so you stop at the next exit with NO Exon only to find FIVE exits in a row after that with Exons!! Then there is that glass of water that just has to be spilled daily so your towels don't feel unwanted! And what about that pen/pencil that disappears everytime you need one! You can't forget that wrong turn you make everytime you are running late but almost there! Oh yeah, we have to remember about the phone ringing every time you are walking out the door! Then there is the day that your child can spell well enough that you can't spell words to keep secrets from them anymore! We must mention that you run out of laudnry detergent just in time for your LAST load of laundry! Remember that the ONE time in 100 that you forget to bring a diaper in wipes your munchkin will get a dirty diaper! That every time you clean your car or vaccum your house your children will spill something or get crumbs all over the place within 5 minutes. If you spend 2 hours washing your car it will rain within 15 minutes of completion! As soon as you get the kids down for a nap the phone will ring, you won't be able to find it and they will wake up just in time for you to find it was a sales person! My favorite is when you start the week talking about how calm and slow it is going to be for a change and then you blink and you are running around for the full week like a chicken with your head cut off! I could go on and on all night listing the "unevitables" from this week alone...but I won't bore you!

Like I said, it is the little things that ALWAYS happen! No matter how much you would like to get away from them, they follow you and insist on making the easy things just a tad more difficult! Let's face it, the inevitable is here to stay!!

Many of you may remember that I bought bunk beds for the girls a few months ago. I was overjoyed to discover that Cali could not climb to the top bunk. The unevitable has happened. Tonight I walked into the bedroom to see her little bottom wiggle over the top rung all by herslef! She sat up, grinned as big as she could and said "I up!" Now, I am constantly running into their bedroom worried sick that a broken arm or leg, or a set of stitches is in our near future! It's the inevitable! There is no way I could keep her from was only time! As worried as I am now, I must admit that "I up" was the cutest sound I have ever heard!

Another "inevitable" is that babies don't stay babies forever. Each and every day our little ones grow and change. They learn something new and if you take the time to watch them they will awe you all over again! Today, was a big reminder of how much my "baby" isn't really a baby anymore. She said "I Love You!" as clear as day. She said each work individually. She also said "Sissy" (what we are having her call Misa) as clear as day! Two new big phrases/words in one day! It doesn't get much better than that! She may be getting bigger every day, but hearing her say "I Love You" and knowing it is just the first of thousands of times she will say it means the world to me because I love her too!

So, we all know it, the inevitable will ALWAYS happen! No matter what we do or say, we can't stop it! All we can do is ride the wave that is sends along on while clinging to our life raft (our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ). We can choose to let these waves bring us down and affect our attitudes or we can make the best of them. I am preaching to myself! I must praise Him in ALL, not just the thing I want. God has a reason for EVERYTHING, even the inevitable!

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Graduation and Mother's Day...What a Weekend!
I wrote this up on Sunday and forgot to post it...SORRY!

Graduation and Mother's Day, What a Weekend!
Current mood: grateful

Once again I have been MIA because of the craziness that is life. This week was finals and checkout at the University. Many of our International Students were flying home. We made 2 trips to New Orleans, one trip to Jackson, and one trip to Gulf Port this week. We still have another trip to New Orleans and another trip to Jackson awaiting us. Don't think I am complaining at all about the trips. They are SO much fun! Our students are great and I enjoy getting to visit with them on the drives. It just makes for some busy weeks.

Well, yesterday was graduation. We had EIGHT International Students graduate as well as a lot of other students we have gotten to know well. There was one ceremony at 9:30 am where we saw 2 our students graduate and then a second ceremony at 1:00 pm where we saw 6 more of our students graduate. I must say I was more than proud! We have gotten to know and love all of these students and to see them walk across the stage and get their diploma's was awesome! It was bitter sweet though, because when we saw them graduate it meant we were loosing them as students! We will miss them ALL!

Today is Mother's Day! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you Mommy's out there! I have had an extra special day! My sweet Hubby and wonderful 7 year old woke up and made me breakfast. I had scrambled eggs, toast and some fruit and veggies. Melisa was SO proud of herself for making it and it made a Mommy's heart happy! After that yummy breakfast we got ready for church and visited a new church. We really liked it and think we will go back next week.

After church we rushed home for a quick lunch and dusted/vaccumed really fast. Then it was off to the University to pick up three of our students who were coming to babysit for us. They couldn't decide who wanted to come and who wanted to stay so we had 3 students to watch our 2 girls, LOL! They were well taken care of! My Mother's Day present was tickets to see Cat's performed by the Civic Opera here in town. It was SO much fun to go on an afternoon date with my hubby! It was a great show and we had an awesome time. What a treat!

Now we are home enjoying popcorn and a Disney movie. The students are still hanging out and Cali is napping. It is such a relaxing afternoon/evening.

I love being a Mommy and a wife. I am so blessed to have an amazing Mother and Grandmother! There is no better day than today to think about the blessings that God has given me pertaining to mother's! I never knew I was going to love being a Mommy as much as I do. What an honor it is that God gave me Melisa and Cali to take care of for Him! I get to watch them grow and learn every day! I get to teach them HIS word! I get to hold them when they are sick and hurt. I get to celebrate accomplishments with them! I LOVE every part of being a Mommy! How blessed I am to have a mother who loves and supports me in all I do. I have a mother who has become more than just a mom, but a friend also. I have a mother who is there for me when I am hurt and celebrates with me when I have accomplishments. I love being a daughter. I love having a day to celebrate my mom! I love Mother's Day! :-)

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007
Errand Day
Today has been/will be a day full of errands. We got up in time to take Daddy to work this morning so we could have the car. After we dropped Clark off, the girls and I headed to our new doctors office to get a physical done for Cali. I was VERY impressed with our new doctors office. The receoptionist, nurse and doctor were great. It was Cali's first doctors appointment with no tears at all. She looked at the fish in the waiting room while I filled out the papers. She stepped up on the scale and stood straight and tall for the nurse (she is weighing in at 23 pounds even now). She colored and looked at books while we waited on the doctor. She gave a big deep breath when the doctor asked for it, said "ah" so he could look at her throat, and even let him look in her ears (he found a yellow buterfly in one ear and a green one in the other, LOL). To top it all off she gave him a high five as he left. It was a great visit!! Both of the girls go back for the yearly check-ups and Cali's last shot until she is 5 in July.

After the suprisingly pleasant doctors appointment we headed across the street to the dentist office to turn in the physical form. Cali had an appointment on Monday to go into the hospital and be sedated for her dental work. Unfortunately, when I gave the physical form to the nurses they were very confused as they couldn't find Cali's name on the list for Monday or Friday. They went on to look at the next two weeks and no luck. So they pulled out the master list of all hospital visits and still couldn't find her. SO, they pulled her file only see that I was right and she was supposed to have a hospital appointment. It seems someone deleted her name from the list accidently! GRRRRRRR! So, we are now first on the waiting list for someone to cancel. Hopefully there will be a cancelation sometime in the next week or 2....but they can't promise anything. Can you tell I am NOT a happy Mommy!

After the dentist fiasco, we headedback up to the University to check on the flight list for out international students. In the next 2 weeks most of our students are flying out for the summer. We will be making trips to the New Orleans, Gulf Port AND Jackson airport regularly between now and the end of this month!

After I got the updated list from Clark it was home for a quick lunch and nap for Cali. Melisa and I are about to do some reading and history so that we get some school work done today. When Cali wakes up we are heading back out to get the car cleaned and serviced before we start all this traveling to and from airports. I am sure it is going to be an all afternoon adventure...that seems to be our luck, LOL!

We will pick Clark up around 5:00 and then grab a quick bite to eat before heading BACK up to the school to attend one of our students senior recital.

Like I said, it is a day of running errands...but it all has to be done, right? I guess I have rambled on and on enough...I hope you are all having a good week!

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Monday, May 07, 2007
Sales, Sleep, and Spiders!
Those 3 words pretty much sum up our weekend. On Saturday morning Clark woke up early and headed to the garage sale up at the University that BSU was holding. He was up there at 6 am helping to clean out a house that the University bought and giving a hand with the Estate Sale they were having from it. While he was working hard the girls and I cuddled in bed and slept until 8!! I haven't slept until 8 in a LONG time!!! I must say it was relaxing! We got up, ate breakfast, got ready and then called Clark to come pick us up. We helped out from about 11 until 4 at the sale. Then we came home for a lazy evening of left overs and movies.

Sunday morning we decided to have family worship like we used to do in Korea. We were in much need of some family time! We enjoyed singing praise together and listening to Clark share God's word with us. Melisa had some great questions as always and it was a wonderful time. Then it was off for lunch and SPIDERMAN 3! Cali took her nap durring the movie and Clark, Melisa and I loved it. Clark and Melisa agree it wasn't as good as the first two, but they still liked it a lot. It is so much fun watching the two of them talk about every detail of the movie! What a fun Daddy/Daughter time!

I hope all of you had an equally good weekend and are ready to start a new work week!

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Look Here!!
I can't believe it took me THIS long to get around to doing this! Before I had my blog, before I had myspace, before I had facebook, I had my girls website! It is what turned me on to all this on-line stuff. My stress reliever was coming on-line and playing with their site. Unfortunately it is very time consuming while posting things on my blog, myspace, and facebook are quick and easy. Since we moved back to the States, I have let the girls website slide. I feel aweful that it has taken me THIS long to get it updated! I finally spent a good bit of time yesterdaay updating the girls site! The front page is all done up again. The stories page has an update as well. I am slowly working on the pictures. The last time I put new pictures up was in bear with me as I muddle through the pictures from the last 5 months! Once pictures are updated I will get the videos updated too.

SOOOO, all that rambling to say, GO CHECK IT OUT! Leave the girls a comment and let them know how precious they are...LOL!

Here is the link:

The site is password protected. If you have been reading my blog for a while and would like the password send me an e-mail at PeanutMM78 at and I will send it to you so you can take a look!


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Home Again!
Home Again!
Current mood: touched

YAY! Just as I said, I am typing this blog from the comfort of my own home in MS. We arrived just an hour or so ago and are SOOO happy to be home. The girls got home and were more than excited to see Chin Goo (the dog) and their playroom. You would have thought it was Christmas morning! ;-) While the girls were going crazy Clark and I actually got to sit down and catch up...boy did I miss him!

We decided to order pizza for dinner to make it easy while I am unpacking. When Clark got ready to drive to pick it up Cali ran after him and said "I want Daddy" and then turned and waved to me saying "BYE MOMMY"! Talk about melting her Daddy's heart...he is in heaven with his littlest munchkin tagging along for the short drive! :-)

Our flight was good. I must admit I am a PROUD Mommy. All 4 of the flight attendants stopped me to tell me how well behaved my girls were AND how mannered Melisa was! Then I had 4 other passengers stop me to tell me the same thing. People even came up to Clark after we met up with him at baggage claim to tell him! I am SO proud of my easy going, flexible, and polite little girls! God has truly blessed me!

Well, it is good to be home and I am going to get off from here and go enjoy it! :-) I hope you are all having a good week!

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Last Post From FL!
Goining Home Tomorrow!!
Current mood: sleepy

Today was another hectic day. The girls and I did some schooling and Carey work at home this morning and then at lunch time we headed towards Apopka. I took care of some stuff at my Dad's house, then went to the bank, and then went back up to Trinity to pass off some information I promised I would get for a teacher. It was an early afternoon of running from here to there and the girls were troupers...I am SO blessed to have such easy going girls!

When we were done with errands we went and picked up Gavin from school (my brothers son). Then we all headed to chick-fil-a for a snack and some playtime in the play zone. They played hard and ate well, LOL! It was fun watching the girls and their cousin play, I don't get to see that often. When the kids were sweating puddles, red in the face, and asking for water I decided to get them some water and load them up in the car.

Finally it was off to the fire department to eat dinner with Papa. Papa LOVED having ALL 3 of his grandbabies up at the station to visit. We were there for about 3 hours and the kids were GREAT! I was so proud of them. I got some cute pictures of them checking out the trucks...I can't wait to show them to you!

We didn't get home until after 8:30. After quick baths they all watched the movie Cars and crashed!

Tomorrow we will have lunch with Papa and TJ and then head to the airport to head home. It is always sad to leave family, but we can't wait to get home to see Clark! We have missed him dearly!

The next time I blog, I pray it will be to let you know we are safe and sound in MS!

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More from our FL trip
More FL Fun
Current mood: cheerful

You are still going to have to wait until we get to MS for pictures, but the fun hasn't stopped. Saturday we spent the day at Blue Springs State Park. I was suposed to dive with my Dad and brother but I woke up with a cold and had way to much congestion and sinus pressure to deal with a 125 foot dive. Instead I enjoyed wading in the water with my girls and playing with them on the playground. We turned the day into a suprise party for TJ. The whole family was there, Dad, Mom, G-doug, MaryBeth, Gavin, TJ, The Girls, and I. I sure missed Clark. The sun was shinning, the water was cool, and it was a beautiful day at the park.

Sunday was another treat. After church I got to meet up with an old friend from Highschool. I haven't had a good chance to spend time with her in ages and we had a wonderful visit while we let our munchkins run wild at Chuck E Cheese. It made my day to just sit and talk with her, it is amazing how much it felt like old times!

Monday was another treat with lunch with my Grandmother and Aunt. We enjoyed a nice lunch and had sweet conversation. It is so awesome to be able to be here and reconnect with family after living so long overseas. I have missed times like this. Then to top the day off we headed up to Trinity where I used to teach and visited with old co-workers and friends. It is amazing how much has changed in 5 years! Seeing the kids made me realize that I really do miss it, but more than that I miss my old friends and all the fun times we had there. Melisa was too cute and made INSTANT friends with all the third graders at recess. She had kids sad that she wasn't a new transfer student, LOL. It will never cease to amaze me how fast she makes friends! After Trinity it was home to meet up with family and end the day with dinner at our favorite place in town...AMIGOS! As always, we had a blast and enjoyed our dinner out.

Today was nothing special. Household chores, homeschool,some WCU work and being a little lazy for a change. I just sat and let my girlie girls climb on my back, do my hair, watch movies and read books. It isn't often that I get days like this and I ate every moment of it up!

As much fun as our trip has been, I must say that I am looking forward to going home. Not that I love MS that much more than FL, but I want my house, my bed and most importantly my hubby and best friend! :-)

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Another back post
Still Alive and Still in FL
Current mood: sleepy

Hey everyone! Did you think we had dropped off the face of the earth? A whole week has gone by and I haven't blogged...not like me at all...LOL!

The girls and I are still in Florida helping out, homeschooling, doing William Carey Work via the internet, and getting some much needed quality time with our family in FL. What do I mean by quality time? Well, that is the most fun we have been up to, so that is what I will blog about. I will spare you the boring details of the mundane.

On Wednesday the girls and I went with my brother TJ and my Dad to the local climbing wall!! Melisa did her homeschool work at the picnic tables at the wall inbetween climbs. We ordered pizza and ate there and kept on climbing. I have tons of pictures that I will share when we get back to MS. I couldn't believe how well Melisa can climb. She is a little monkey and could scoot up those walls like a pro! I may need to have her give me some lessons.

Yesterday my mom and I took the girls and Gavin (my brothers son) to the mall to do some summer shoes shopping. We got them all some cute sandles. Then we did some birthday shopping for TJ and as we were finishing up MaryBeth (TJ's wife) met up with us. We ate dinner at the food court and then said bye to MB and Gavin. Mom, Melisa, Cali and I then went for a girls night out. We spent the next hour and a half at the nail shop getting pedicures. Melisa has hot pink toes and blue fingernails, both are complete with flowers painted on. It is too sweet. We had so much fun just relaxing and visiting.

Today was a pain! I spent half of the day at the Cingular Shop. My phone decided to stop making calls this week. It is really a pain. So, I waited for 30 minutes to get a goofy guy change my SIM card and send me on my way assuring me everything was ok. YEAH RIGHT. I tried calling my mom from the car and had no sucess. So, with my fussy children in hand, I went back in and asked him if he would like to try to use it. I know, not the best attitude. He proceeded to push buttons for 30 minutes and then make a phone call only to have them tell him what I had been telling him. It wasn't the SIM card but a defective phone. SO, I got sent to the other side of the store for them to try to fix it. An hour later they announce I need a new phone and then take 30 minutes to program it! GRRRRRRR!!!! It was the most frustrating afternoon of waiting I have had in a LONG time. I felt like I was back in Korea!!! BUT, I am happy to say that I have a brand new phone in hand and it WORKS! YAY!!! So, if you haven't been able to get in touch with me, you can now!

On a side note, our trip has been extended until Thursday, May 3rd. Clark couldn't pick us up at the airport on Monday because the president of the Unviersity is getting inagurated. All the flights on Tuesday and Wednesday were booked, so we are now flying home on Thursday.

If you made it his far, thanks for reading all my ramblings, I promise something more interesting next time and not just another family update!

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I'm Still Here!
OK! I am SO sorry! I was posting blog on my myspace page, but didn't get over here to post them as well. SO much has been going on in the past few weeks! On the 22nd the girls and I flew off to FL for an unexpected trip. Instead of trying to remember everything I thought needed to be shared, I am just going to copy and paste what I posted on my myspace bear with me as there are a lot of posts coming up, LOL!

Going Home
Current mood: drained

It is early in the morning here in Mississippi, but the suitecases are packed and we are about to walk out the door. We just got back (yesterday afternoon) from our overnight trip for the State WMU conference and we are heading back out this morning for the same city. The girls and I are flying to FL for an unexpected trip home. My mom needs some help with some stuff, so we packed up our Florida clothes and our school books and we are traveling homeschoolers for the next little bit. I am not sure how long we will be in FL, right now it looks like we will be coming home on the 30th, but that is always up to change. Keep us in your prayers as we travel and all. We will miss Clark but he can't get away from work. I work from home, so as long as I have a computer, I am good to go. :-) He knows that mom needs help and is willing to give up his girls for a week or so.

Anyway, I should still be on-line from Florida, but I wanted to let you all know what is going on.

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