Thursday, July 26, 2007
Happy Anniversary My Love!
Today, Clark and I have been married nine years! Even as I say it I can't believe it! It really doesn't seem like that magical day happened NINE years feels more like just a few years ago! I have treasured every moment of those nine years though. We have had some amazing times and some rough trials. We have had more adventures than many have in a life time. We have shared the past 9 years of our life together and I wouldn't trade a minute of it....even the hard times.

On our wedding day 9 years ago I really didn't think I could love Clark more, but I have learned that the more I get to know him and the longer we are together the more I love him! He is truly my best friend and soulmate. God knew exactly what He was doing when He put us together! I love him more every day!

Our anniversary can't pass by without me pulling out the old album and looking at the pictures. SO, I thought I would share some here on the ole blog! :-)

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AND, here we are today at the airport saying good-bye!

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I must admit that it really (and I mean REEEAAAALLLLYYYY) stinks that he had to fly out on our anniversary! In 9 years we have changed a lot...we even look a little (or in some ways a LOT) different! We have grown up a lot and learned a many life lessons. Our family grew to include two precious litle girls. In many ways we are very different people than we were nine years ago...but then again, we are very much the same people. We love to have fun and laugh together. We love to head out on adventures together! We are truly partners in crime! However, we seek God as individuals and together. There was a song that was played at our wedding when we lit the Unity Candle that said "It takes 3, you and me, and he who's above. It takes 3 cause 2's not enough. It takes 3." That stong still holds true in our relationship. Without our Father above, we never would have made it this far.

So, to close out my anniversary blog, I want to first and foremost give thanks to my Lord and Savior, you are the glue that holds our marriage together! Secondly, I want to let you (Clark) know that I love you always and all ways! Thank you for being you and for putting up with me for so long! Happy Anniversary My Love!

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I typed this up on Misa's birthday but forgot to come and post it...what a bad Mommy! Anyway, better later than never!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISA BUG!!! I can't believe my first baby is EIGHT today! WOW, where has time gone?

Melisa started her day with a special breakfast request. She had us pull out the Mickey Waffle maker and make Mickey shapped waffles. However, I don't know who enjoyed them, Misa or Cali, LOL!

We had a great day celebrating and continued a tradition we started last year. We were supposed to have her party today, but I just couldn't get our house ready when we just moved back home Sunday night. So, we rescheduled the party for sometime in August and had some family fun today. We went to a great waterpark. Last year in Jeju we went to the waterpark for her actual birthday too and thought it was a fun tradition to follow.

We had SO much fun at the waterpark and have some pictures to show it (unfortunately they are still on the camera). Melisa was a little fish and showed off what a strong swimmer she is becoming. We must have gone around the lazy river 25 or more times. Cali LOVED the lazy river too and every time we passed an entrance to it she would try to jump in, LOL. Melisa LOVED the slides. She was tall enough to go down half of the big slides and we went on every single slide at least 5 times! Both girls had a blast in the two kiddie areas. We played, splashed, and made new friends. We had a yummy picnic lunch and let Melisa try her very first funnel cake...YUM! We stayed until closing at 6 pm.

When we got home we ordered pizza and enjoyed ice cream cake AND cupcakes! Talk about a junk food kind of day! Melisa got to open a few presents. She got a lot of clothes from Mommom along with some money, she got a High School Musical Barbie from Uncle TJ and Aunt Mary Beth and some money from Granny and Papa. Mommy and Daddy are taking her shopping for a few small things tomorrow, but are saving our big present for her actual party...he he he! The girls spent all evening playing with barbies and watching High School Musical. They were too cute dancing along with the TV.

The house phone and cell phone were ringing off the hook today with people wishing our girl a happy birthday. She would be on the house phone and get another call on the cell phone. She got calls from family, friends, camp staff, and international students. She is one loved on little girl. :-)

Melisa announced that today was the best birthday a girl could have...can't beat that now can ya? I am glad we were able to give it to her...she deserves it! I can't wait to see how she enjoys that actual party in a few weeks...we are going to have an AWESOME time! :-)

Now I just have to get my mind around the fact that my girlie girl is actually eight years old and growing up more all the time.

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Monday, July 23, 2007
Did you think I had dropped off the face of the earth? YIKES....I can't believe how long I let go by without blogging. We moved onto the campus and lived in the dorms for the summer while working camp. Our days were long and our schedule crazy...I just didn't have time to get on here...BUT I am BACK and pictures will come soon!

Our last set of campers left on Friday, we had our staff banquet Saturday night, worshiped together yesterday morning and then took the staff through the ropes course. We finally moved back into our own house last night at about midnight. So much happened in the past few weeks that I would LOVE to blog about, but right now my brain cannot wrap around the words to describe it all. However, I can't let camp come and go with no blog about it, so bear with me as I try to form the words to describe the events and emotions of the past month or so.

Camp is a unique experience every summer. They are all similar but always unique. This one was especially unique as it was in a new state, on a college campus, with a coed staff, AND with my family (camp with two of your own children is VERY different). Oh yes, and I cannot forget that I have about 12 more years on me than I did my very first summer. I LOVED getting to see all the campers and watch their lives changed. I loved getting to watch our year worth of planning come to be. I loved meeting the staff and making friends that will last a life time. The smiles, the laughter, the life changing decisions, the tears, the hard was amazing.

However, I must admit that I am glad to see the end here. I am tired and worn. I have been fighting a nasty cold for 10 days and at camp you can't stop for a cold. I am on some pretty strong antibiotics and hopefully a little rest and some more of those drugs and I will be back to myself again soon. I am also glad to see the summer come to an end because I miss my girls! As a homeschooling, work at home mom, I am NOT used to having them away from me so much. I have missed all of our special one on one time. I plan to make up for that a lot in the next few weeks! :-) I must admit that I have also dearly missed my husband. In some ways we have spent a lot of time together, but it has been a lot of time spent as "sails passing in the winds," LOL. We were lucky to eat 3 meals together a week and then when we would finally see each other for a longer period of time it was usually when we were both on stage in a drama or walking the boys dorm at night to lay down the law about lights out. I have 3 days to spend with him before he flies around the world to do a teaching and recruiting trip in China for 2 weeks. Those two weeks can't go by fast enough. After the last 6 weeks I am ready for our little family to settle back into our routine and get back to normal.

There have been some highlights worth mentioning from the summer though. First was seeing how well Culture Camp went. My title was actually culture camp director and it was amazing to see things go so smoothly. I really think the kids enjoyed it AND learned a lot. Shaun if you read this, I am SOOOO sorry you burnt your fingers. It was my worst culture camp moment of the summer...I still feel bad even though I know it doesn't hurt anymore! "SonJay is very nervous" will always be a favorite quote of mine now buddy! Getting to lead the Indian worship service and give every child at camp communion Indian style was AMAZING! I will never forget how special it was.

Another great moment of camp is my new all time FAVORITE Live-It story. Blake and your campers belly button tricks was a first! I SO wish I could have seen him making happy and sad faces with it. As I type I am sitting here laughing again...I will NEVER forget that camper!

Oh, and Miss. Alicia, I won't forget your first cabin who wouldn't look at me after I was Satan in the first drama. For the ENTIRE week this cabin would run if they saw me! To top it all off one of them announced to all the girl campers "Don't trust the worship leader, she is really Satan" at culture camp. I don't think I will EVER live that one down!

I must say putting our brand new ropes course to use and having EVERY camper at camp go across except one was a high point! Getting to spend 5 hours out on the course working side by side with Clark and seeing so many campers who didn't think they could do it make it across was pure joy! I will never forget the very first camper to go across was the one who said all week that we would never get him up there and then once the day came he was harnessed up and climbing the ladder before anyone else. It made me want to cry! The ropes course is one of my favorite places to be! I can't talk about the ropes course without throwing out a BIG THANKS to Bruce (my favorite ropes course builder ever)! It was such a blessing to get to work along side you and watch it come to be! You are AWESOME!

Two very personal highs of the summer had to do with my girls! I "sent" Melisa off as a camper for the very first time! She was in our baby cabin for the first week of camp. As I passed her cabin all week long I was so proud to see my big girl! She was in a very homesick cabin, but was so sweet to encourage the campers and thrive around all the tears, LOL. It was surreal to see her walking around as a camper!! At the end of our final day of the final week she came up and told me that God had talked to her at camp and she said "God has told me it's time to do what matters and start telling my friends about Him." Could a Mommy be more proud??? The second high was watching Cali start the summer as a shy little Boo. But now she can't wait to leave our apartment in the morning and go see everyone. During pre-camp she hid behind me and wouldn't even look at anyone! Now, she goes to everyone on staff as though they are part of the family. Once she broke out of her shell she hasn't looked back! She even loves to get on stage and "sing" for the campers now! Watching both of my girls grow so much this summer was a big thing!

Well, I have probably bored you stiff with all of my talk about our summer at camp. If you made it this far, thanks for reading my thoughts. It really was a wonderful summer but I am glad to be back at my own house! It will still be a few more weeks before life gets back to normal though. TOMORROW is Melisa's 8th birthday and we are going to a waterpark to celebrate (her party will be in 2 1/2 weeks). On Thursday (our 9th wedding anniversary) we will drop Clark off at the airport and he will fly to China for the next two weeks. He is going to be recruiting for the University and teaching English at a partner school. While he is gone we are going to stay busy. A dear old friend from middle school/high school is coming to spend a week with us and then the girls and I are flying home to spend a week with family! We will all be back in town and start to get back on a normal schedule on August 10th! Until then, bear with me as I may be in and out! :-)

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