Friday, July 10, 2009
Her Mother's Keeper
One of the responsibilities I have this summer is "supervise" the students during kids club. Kids Club is like Back Yard Bible Clubs but at Resort Swimming Pools. Because of a lack of hands, I have ended up helping one student at his pool most days this summer. This past Tuesday was no exception. Melisa and Cali love Kids Club because they get to go to hotel swimming pools for 2 hours 3 days a week. :-P We spend the first hour and 15 minutes playing games in the pool. Then we have snack, story time, and craft. At this particular pool we usually do story time around the hot tub because it has a covering over it and gets the kids out of the sun for a bit.

My partner was rounding up the kids while I was at the hot tub to greet those coming over for snack and story. There was a guy in his 20's in the hot tub when we got there. I'll be honest, he looked me over a few times, grinned, and said hi. I said hi, but didn't think much of it. I went about my job of entertaining the children. My oldest daughter DID think something of it though and wouldn't let it go.

All of a sudden I hear her voice call across the hot tub "Hey MOM when is DADgetting here?" I replied "Melisa, you know Dad isn't coming today." She was quick to say, "But MOM wasn't DAD home when we woke up this morning." At this point I realize what is going on. I patiently reply "Yes, he was. Daddy had to go to work though." Her response was quick again, "MOMwill DAD be home tonight before we go to bed. The conversation went on like this for about 3 or 4 more statements about MOM and DAD. I guess the man finally took her hint and he left. As soon as he was out of the hot tub she stopped drilling me.

When we got home Clark hadn't left for work yet, so I called him to the other room to tell him the story. As soon as I said "There was this 20 something year old guy in the hot tub" Melisa heard me and came running. She crossed her arms across her chest and said with attitude "I got him, didn't I?" I about died. I looked at her (it took everything in me to keep a straight face) and said "Don't you trust me mroe than that?" She got really serious and said, "I trust you completely mom. But I saw him and I saw the way he looked at you. Cute boys who give looks like that CAN'T be trusted!"


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